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11 demands of agitating students

They have been protesting against the killing of students in one bus crash after another in the capital. Students are protesting for the second day in a row demanding justice for the death of SSC candidate Mainuddin Durjoy in a bus crash in Rampura on Monday (November 29). From there they made 11 demands.

Students from various educational institutions in the area took position on the road around 11:30 am on Wednesday (December 1) for the second day. After that, the students raised their demands around 12:30 pm.

The demands are:

1. The murders of Naeem and Mainuddin, the victims of brutal structural killings on the road, must be brought to justice. Their families must be properly compensated. Footover bridges will have to be constructed for pedestrian crossing in the area adjacent to Gulistan and Rampura bridges.

2. Half fare of students in all public transport across the country has to be confirmed with government notification. No time or day can be fixed for half rent. Extended bus fares will have to be withdrawn. The number of BRTC buses on all routes needs to be increased.

3. Ensure free travel and courteous use of public transport for students and women.

4. Strict action should be taken against fitness and unlicensed car employers and unlicensed drivers. The BRTA needs to take effective action against corruption in car and driving licenses.

5. Increase the number of traffic police on crowded roads including ensuring traffic lights on all roads, zebra crossings. We have to take effective measures against bribery and corruption of traffic police.

. In order to stop reckless competition between buses, one bus on one route and daily income should be distributed equally among all transport owners according to their share.

. Employees need to confirm the appointment letter, identity card. Contract appointments must be canceled. Instead of providing buses on contract basis, the entire transport system has to be streamlined on ticket and counter basis. Restrooms and toilets should be provided for the workers.

. The working hours of the driver should not be more than 8 hours in a row. Each bus should have 2 drivers and 2 assistants. Adequate bus terminal needs to be constructed. Transport workers need to be properly trained.

9. The Road Transport Act needs to be reformed and its implementation ensured with the views of passengers, transport workers and government representatives.

10. Trucks, garbage trucks and other heavy vehicles should be allowed to travel from 12 noon to 5 am.

11. Effective initiatives should be taken in the whole society to eradicate drug addiction. Regular dope tests and counseling should be arranged for driver-assistants.

Sajjad Hassan Oni, a student at Cambrian School and College, one of the coordinators of the movement, said that the student movement will continue till these demands are met.



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