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13 km road of Gomti Dam is dilapidated, people’s suffering is extreme

The 13-kilometer road above the embankment on the north bank of Gomti river in Panchthubi and Amratali unions of Adarsha Sadar upazila of Comilla has become dilapidated. This important road is broken somewhere. Somewhere the pitch has risen and turned into a dirt road. Somewhere in a big ditch. As a result, it has become difficult to move on this road. With a little rain on the road, the situation is like drowning.

According to the locals, the paved road has now turned into a dirt road due to the free movement of trucks carrying sand and soil from the river banks. With a little rain, the water in the potholes of the road freezes and turns into puddles. As a result, the vehicle got stuck in the pit. Residents of the area have been suffering on this road for six years.

According to local traders, hundreds of vegetables are taken for sale in Comilla town every day through this road. This road is accessible from the Indian state of Tripura. People use this road to travel to different places along the river. Tourists who come to see the river are no longer able to travel on this road in rickshaws.

Crossing the Chanpur Bailey Bridge on the Gomti River in Adarsh ​​Sadar Upazila, one can see a large hole in the road in Shaldhar area. Somewhere the road pitch has gone up. Somewhere the road is broken. Sreepur, Shaldhar, Panchthubi, Jaluapara, Subarnapur, Chawalpur, Sahapur and Golabari areas were visited and more than a thousand potholes were seen on the road. The paved road seems to have turned raw. The condition of roads in Chhatrakhil, Banashua railway bridge area and Palpara section is very critical. Adarsh ​​Sadar Upazila Complex is being shifted to Chhatrakhil area. Work is underway to build different types of installations here.

Shafiqur Rahman, a resident of Shimpur village and coach and former principal of Comilla district volleyball team, used to travel on the road regularly. He said that Shimpur High School is going to the field through this road every day with suffering. The broken road is monotonous in the sand. The road needs to be repaired quickly. If the water level in the river rises during the new monsoon season, there will be more damage to the dams and roads.

Abul Kalam Hasan Togar, owner of Halima Telecom, a company that makes mobile phones and mobile phone parts, said, “My electronics factory is on the river bank. I can’t take the goods because of the bad condition of the road. I have asked the Upazila Engineering Department many times in the last few years to fix the road. To date it has not been reformed. In the dry season the road is covered with sand and in the rainy season it is muddy. Freight trucks often break down and fall on the road.

Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA) Comilla district branch president Mosleh Uddin Ahmed said roads on both sides of the Gumti river have not been repaired for a long time. The dam is being damaged due to sand trucks and earth tractors. The paved road over the dam is broken. It needs to be reformed. Otherwise there will be severe damage to the dam.

Adarsh ​​Sadar Upazila Engineer. Saiful Islam said 13 km road from Golabari to Palpara. The road is currently 18 feet wide. It will be increased to 24 feet. For this, a proposal has been sent to the local government engineering department at an estimated cost of around Tk 10 crore. Work will start from there after approval and allocation.



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