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1300 year old earthen mosque

Iraq is an earthen mosque in the early days of Islam. The earthen mosque was found in the southern Iraqi city of Al-Rafai. It is known that this earthen mosque is 1300 years old.

It was discovered by the British Museum Excavation Mission. Qatar-based Al Jazeera confirmed the information in a report. According to the report, the mosque during the Umayyad period in 69 AD is 6 meters wide and 5 meters long.

In the middle of it is the hujura of the Imam facing the Ka’bah, a small space has been made. Archaeologists believe the mosque dates back to the Umayyad period. It is thought to have been built during the earliest days of Islam.

The mosque is 18 feet long and about 26 feet wide. About 25 people can perform prayers here at a time. According to Ali Shalgam, head of the Iraqi government’s Department of Archeology and Excavation, the mosque is a very important and large archeological site. Even though it is made entirely of soil, its survival for so many years despite storms and rains is amazing.

Al-Rafai in and around Iraq is an archeologically rich region. Traces of Mesopotamian civilization have been found in this city in the past. Earlier, French archaeologists unearthed a palace in the town of Larsa in the region, used by Sin-ednam, ruler of the Mesopotamian civilization.



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