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19 Bangladeshis return from Greece, terrified expatriates

Recently, the government of Greece sent 19 Bangladeshi migrants back to Bangladesh on a special flight. This is basically the immigration policy of the European Union. Meanwhile, illegal immigrant Bangladeshis living in the country are terrified by the decision taken by the Greek government.

Nineteen Bangladeshi nationals who entered the country illegally were repatriated to Bangladesh on Monday on a charter flight from Athens, the capital of Greece.

According to the Greek government, this is their first repatriation to Bangladesh since 2016. In a coordinated police operation, 19 Bangladeshis were detained and deported directly to Bangladesh.

As of November 2021, a total of 10,623 illegal immigrants from third countries have gone to Europe or third countries through deportation, repatriation and relocation, according to the country’s immigration agency. Those who were previously listed by the Greek police but are not currently in the country. His details have come up in the police report through various information and research. Among them are a significant number of Bangladeshi immigrants. At the same time, 6,031 new people entered Greece illegally.

Greek Immigration Minister Notice Mitarakis noted that ‘Greece has a strict, but fair immigration policy! And it expels people from the country who are not entitled to international protection. ”

He further said that today is an important day in collaboration with Frontex, after five years we have started compulsory deportation in Bangladesh again.

In recent times, the European Union has played an important role in formulating European immigration policy. The European Union has already finalized a number of laws to repatriate those trying to enter their countries illegally. In the light of which, in 2021, Bangladeshis have repatriated a number of illegal immigrants from Germany, Austria, Greece and some countries in Northern Europe with the help of EU. However, such incidents have not happened in Italy, France and Spain yet. However, there is a possibility of future application. Because countries are member states of the European Union.

The European Union has already set up a fund to provide various border guards and prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. The European Union provides funding to increase surveillance and repatriation of those who enter and reside illegally. At the same time, the governments of the regions or countries where immigrants are entering Europe are being pressured in various ways to repatriate their citizens. Which has recently found a home in the words of the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh.

In light of the EU’s safe immigration measures, the EU has been strategically pressuring many countries around the world to repatriate illegal immigrants. Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippines and a few countries in Africa are among them.



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