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200 flights announced before Christmas

Air travel from one country to another is multiplied several times to attend big day celebrations and festivals. But in the wake of Omicron, two US airlines have announced the closure of about 200 flights on the eve of Christmas.

The airlines have taken this decision for fear of being attacked by the crew and those involved in the operation.

The most alarming variant of coronavirus, Omicron, has spread to 108 countries around the world. While the level of infection in other countries is a bit low, it is spreading in Europe at lightning speed. Those concerned have compared this speed with a storm. They say that the coming Christmas celebrations in the country may create a terrible situation.

Chicago-based airline United Airlines has announced the closure of 120 flights on Christmas Eve Friday in a bid to keep its manpower afloat. The company made the announcement on Thursday.

Atlanta-based airline Delta Airlines, meanwhile, said in a news release that it had canceled about 90 flights under Omicron control. This week, the rate of infection has increased across the country. This has had a direct impact on the aircraft’s flight crew and those who have operations.

But Delta Air says it has scheduled flying cover for the re-routing and replacement of aircraft and crews as an alternative medium before all 90 flights are canceled for Friday. Affected customers are being informed before arriving at the airport as it is alarming. Airlines authorities are contacting passengers to give them new instructions. So that the passengers do not get stuck at the airport before the scheduled time. No passenger should suffer.

Meanwhile, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released new quarantine guidelines for healthcare workers, stating that the quarantine period has been reduced to seven days for all workers who have tested positive for Covid-19 but have no symptoms.

The biggest Christian holiday is Christmas. To this end, different countries have been decorated in colorful light. Traditional people of different ages are crowding in different installations and different occasions. Despite the omicron risk, there was no ebb in the organization. This year’s report is about organizing Christmas in different parts of the world.The world is decorated in the colorful light of Christmas

Will Christmas come again without Santa Claus? But this time, not only on land, but also under water. Divers dive into an aquarium dressed as Santa Claus. And outside the thick glass enclosed aquarium crowd of visitors. Agatras are enjoying such an exceptional event in Paris, France on the occasion of Christmas.

Riding on a camel, Santa Claus Sage is announcing that the biggest festival of Christians, ‘Christmas’, has arrived. Such a picture can be seen in Jerusalem. There is no shortage of festivals in the Czech Republic.

People of different ages have become mesmerized by the melody playing the violin. All the old people who are busy organizing dance-songs in the city streets have come to enjoy the joy of Christmas.



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