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4 killed, 117 injured in Chittagong by corona

Four people have died in the last 24 hours in Corona, the country’s port city. At this time, the virus was detected in the bodies of 1,017 people. The infection rate is 31.96 percent. This information has been revealed in a report sent from the Civil Surgeon’s Office of Chittagong regarding the updated situation of Corona district.

According to the report of the Civil Surgeon’s Office, samples of 3,650 people were tested in Fauzdarhat BITID, 12 laboratories and antigen tests in the city yesterday. Of the 1,018 newly infected people, 260 are from 8 and 15 upazilas of the city.

Of the 260 people in the upazila, 53 are in Hathazari, 40 in Raozan, 32 in Fatikchhari, 24 in Rangunia and Anwara, 16 in Patiya, 18 in Mirsarai and Boalkhali, 12 in Chandnaish, 11 in Sitakunda, 10 in Lohagara and Banshkhali and 5 in Satandi. There is one in Karnafuli upazila.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in the district has increased to 1 lakh 18 thousand 203 people. Of these, 85,524 are from urban areas and 31,069 from rural areas.

According to the lab-based report, at the private clinical laboratory Chevron, a maximum of 56 samples were tested yesterday. Of these, 114 were infected in urban areas and 53 in rural areas. At the Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases Lab in Fauzdarhat, 572 samples were tested and 235 germs were found in the city. In Chittagong Medical College Hospital lab, out of 306 people, 125 were positive in the city and 13 in the village.

Out of 100 samples in Chittagong University lab, 26 were infected in urban areas and 3 in rural areas. In the laboratory of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, samples of 232 people were tested and the presence of germs was found in the bodies of 104 people in urban areas and 22 in rural areas. In the RTRL 20 samples of the specialized Kavid-19 medical center Anderkilla General Hospital, germs were found in two of the cities. When antigen tests were performed on 26 people at different booths of the sample collection, 6 people from the village were reported to be infected.

Of the 529 samples in the private Imperial Hospital lab, 104 were positive in urban areas and 38 in rural areas. In Agrabad Maternal and Child Hospital, coronavirus was detected in 261 samples from 49 urban and 27 rural areas. The medical center hospital lab tested 326 samples and found the virus in 10 cities and 15 villages. In Epic Health Care, out of 107 people, positive results were obtained from 40 urban and 11 rural people. Out of 9 samples in Lab Aid, infection was detected in 8 cities and one village.

A total of 127 samples were examined at the Metropolitan Hospital and 56 people in the city were found to be infected with cavities. The Asian Specialized Hospital Lab found evidence of coronavirus in 14 samples in 14 urban and 32 rural areas.

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