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50 immigrants die in Panama jungle

So far this year, more than 50 immigrants have lost their lives in Panama’s inaccessible jungle, the Darien Gap, trying to cross the United States illegally.

The Panamanian prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Wednesday (October 6th) that local time had been cut short.

The country’s Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Panama reported the deaths of 53 immigrants in the province of Darwin.

The number is more than double that of last year, the company said. Last year, 20 to 30 immigrants died trying to cross the jungle in Darjeeling.

Jose Vincente Passar, an official with the Panama Prosecutor’s Office, said the death toll was expected to rise. This is because of the increase in the number of migrants seeking asylum through the Darian jungle.

Panamanian officials say the death toll has risen as the number of immigrants has risen due to economic hardship caused by the Corona epidemic. According to them, at least 95,000 people have tried to cross the jungle to reach the United States in the last nine months. This number is equal to the last five years.

Incidentally, to enter the United States illegally, one has to cross the dreaded jungle ‘Darian Gap’ between Panama and Colombia. Using this route, thousands of South American immigrants arrive at the U.S. border each year, and then seize the opportunity. Maybe they will have to wait for months to get such an opportunity.

However, this is not an easy task at all. The forest is full of rugged mountains, poisonous snakes and terrifying animals. There is the fear of gentlemanly brokers and robbers. They sometimes snatch everything from immigration hopefuls. Many die from long-distance fatigue and lack of food and water.

There are no Red Cross or other international aid workers in the area.

According to a recent report by Doctors Wide Borders, at least 97 women have been raped on this inaccessible road this year.

According to an AP report, citizens of Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela usually cross the dangerous jungle to travel to the United States. However, citizens of Nepal, Congo, Cameroon and even Bangladesh have a record of crossing the Panama Jungle to reach the United States.

The US special envoy to Haiti has resigned in protest of the repatriation of Haitian migrants. However, the White House said that the Haitians were repatriated, not with intent, but under immigration law.

The influx of migrants still continues in Ciudad Acunia, Mexico, bordering Texas. Meanwhile, the United States has repatriated about 14,000 immigrants to Haiti.

However, at least 4,000 Haitians are still housed in makeshift camps along the border. Immigrants with food and clothes have come and stood by the aspirants.

Mexico has also tightened its grip on the border as the number of immigrants to the United States has risen again. Additional security personnel have been deployed.

Meanwhile, Daniel Foote, the US special envoy to Haiti, has resigned over the repatriation of Haitian migrants. He called the deportation an “inhumane act” by the United States.

However, the White House said in a statement that it had defended the ambassador’s remarks. According to the Biden administration, nine Haitians have been deported in accordance with existing immigration laws.



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