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7 armed terrorists arrested from the capital

The top terrorist group Jisan is becoming active again in the capital. Extortion is taking place in and around the capital, including Badda, with the help of Jisan and Shamim, who escaped to Dubai, and some terrorists in the country’s prisons. Their target is various traders.

Shots are more frequent in business than in donations. Detective police have arrested seven armed terrorists of Jisan group in raids in the capital and Bandarban. Ammunition with illegal firearms was recovered.

On November 21, two armed terrorists shot dead a businessman in Badda and fled. He later demanded Rs 5 lakh from the trader. If not, death threats are made.

While investigating the incident, the detective police conducted raids in the capital and hilly areas and arrested 7 armed terrorists. Two foreign pistols, a revolver and 13 rounds of ammunition and yaba were recovered.

Police claim that all of them are members of the top terrorist group Jisan. The police have also got their political involvement.

AKM Hafeez Akhter, Additional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police, said that those who commit terrorism try to seek political asylum in different places because of their social status in one way or another. Here we have found 3-4 people seeking political asylum.

Of these, three are associated with the BNP and one with the Awami League.
The group has been demanding regular subscriptions from various traders in Badda, Santa Kul and Beraid areas. Businesses were shot at to spread panic.

Police say Jisan and Shamim, the top terrorists who escaped to Dubai, and Mamun and Munna, who were sentenced to death in Kashimpur jail, acted as supporters of the terrorists. Uncles Emon, Neeru and Jalal acted as planners. Coordinator Sohan, Jibon and Pichchi Aslam and Operation Nasir and Emon.

Mashiur Rahman, deputy commissioner of police in the Gulshan division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police, said a number of terrorists had threatened businessmen, landlords and contractors with the help of some terrorists hiding abroad and some culprits in jails. Our message is that if the general public is the victim of such a threat, be patient, have the courage to inform us.

Detectives have found evidence of the group’s contacts with top terrorists fleeing abroad and terrorists in the country’s jails. On Friday (December 10) morning, 48 mosques in three wards of the capital’s Kamrangirchar police station were given one lakh rupees in cash from the Prime Minister’s fund. He said this in his speech as the chief guest. The Awami League leader handed over the money from the PM’s fund to the mosque representatives.

He further said that a quarter always tries to create anarchy with communal incitement, they should also be careful about it. The government is dreaming of building a developed country for future generations. Therefore, Advocate Kamrul Islam urged the religious leaders to make statements about the drug and internet abuse of the children.



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