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75 rupees injection sold for 3 thousand

A doctor at Barguna’s Doctors Care Clinic and Hospital has been accused of selling an injection worth Tk 75 for Tk 3,000.

The name of the accused doctor. Shihab Uddin Shihab. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthosurgery, Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital.

Dr. Md. Shihab Uddin Shihab sees patients twice a month at the Doctors Care Clinic and Hospital on College Road, Barguna. Regular miking is also done in Barguna on the occasion of the arrival of this doctor.

On Friday (January 14th) evening, two victims, Abdur Razzak and Riazul Islam, complained to Samay News that they had been sold an injection of Cynocort for 60 rupees for 3,000 rupees. However, after searching in the pharmacy, it is known that the price of the injection is 75 rupees.

Although the doctor claims, the cost of the injection is low. Three thousand to eight thousand rupees is taken to push the injection. And if the patient is poor, then the free injection is also pushed.

The complainant Abdur Razzak is a resident of Lakurtala area of ​​Barguna Sadar upazila. The other complainant is Reazul Islam, a resident of Kumrakhali area of ​​Sadar upazila.

Abdur Razzak said, “My wife Jannatul Ferdousi is suffering from brain tumor. Pain in his spine and legs. So on Friday afternoon at three o’clock, the doctor said for the treatment of his wife at the Doctors Care Clinic and Hospital. Shihab Uddin went to Shihab. Then I took my wife to the doctor with a visit of 800 rupees. Dr. Shihab saw my wife and gave her two X-rays and three tests for blood. For which the cost is 1800 rupees.

‘Then I went back to the doctor with the report and he told my wife to push an injection called Cynocort. Mentioning the price of the injection is three thousand rupees, he said that there is no charge for pushing. Since I don’t have money later, I want to buy the injection from outside and push it. He did not agree to write the name of the injection. So he wants money through development. Later I paid Rs. The doctor then pushed the injection on my wife herself. ‘

“Later I went to the pharmacy and was surprised to find out the price of the injection,” he said. I do not understand the deception of a doctor. I want justice.

Md. Reazul Islam said, “I called my wife’s sister at around 11 am on Friday. Md. I took Shihab Uddin to Shihab. Then I met him with a visit of 800 rupees. He then gave four tests, including an X-ray. The cost for this test is one thousand 650 rupees. After the test report at two in the afternoon. Md. Shihab Uddin went to Shihab and deleted my wife’s sister. Parveen Akhtar was told to push an injection called Cynocort. Asked about the price of the injection, he said it cost three thousand rupees. Later, when I paid three thousand rupees in cash, the doctor himself pushed the injection on the doctor’s table. Then I went to the pharmacy and found out the price of this injection is 80 rupees. I never imagined that a doctor could do such a thing. I want justice for such fraud. ”

Meanwhile, Barguna District Consumer Rights Protection Committee member and media worker Abu Zafar. Saleh said a doctor should not sell drugs in his own chamber. On top of that, it is inhumane and immoral to sell drugs worth Tk 75 for Tk 3,000 by taking patients hostage. I think it is important to take legal action against such doctors.

The doctor said. Shihab Uddin Shihab told News from time to time on his mobile phone that the price of the injection called Cynocort is low. Outside it is pushed at 5/600 rupees. However, senior doctors take Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,000 to push it. Again poor patients are also pushed for free.

Doctor Care Clinic and Hospital Manager. Ibrahim said that the price of the injection called Cynocort is 75 rupees. Dr. to push the price. Md. Shihab Uddin Shihab took three thousand rupees. This injection stays with him. This injection is not mentioned in the prescription. However, the clinic authorities do not get any share of this money.

Md. Shihab Uddin Shihab is a senior physician. So the doctors with MBBS degree working in Barguna are reluctant to talk about it by revealing their names. However, on condition of anonymity, a doctor said that in Dhaka, it costs Rs 600 to Rs 800 to push the injection. It is not known whether the senior and higher degree doctors take more than one thousand rupees to push the injection.

And Dr. Civil Surgeon of Barguna. Muhammad Fazlul Haque said, “We will definitely look into the matter.” If the allegations are found to be true then legal action will be taken.



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