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98 percent brick kiln is not approved in Naogaon

No rules and regulations are being followed in Naogaon for building brickfields. The locals are suffering due to the pollution of the brick kilns in the residential areas.

Although 203 brickfields are traded in this district, only 7 have valid papers. Due to the increase in the price of coal, timber is being burned en masse at these low tides. This is causing massive environmental pollution as well as wasting the fruits caught in the trees. And the top soil of the land is being cut for making bricks and the agricultural experts are fearing crop failure in the long run.

These brickfields are built in the middle of the green forest in the Mandar Mainam area of ​​Naogaon. The competition is going on in 11 upazilas of the district. Top soil of cultivable land is being cut to prepare bricks at these lowlands.
Although there are rules for building ebb tides in uncultivated and non-residential areas, the opposite is true here. After constructing brickfields in cultivable land and residential areas, rush is going on in the concerned department to get clearance.

Due to the recent rise in coal prices, wood is being used as fuel to make bricks in these kilns. According to the locals, the catastrophic pollution of the lowlands has caused health risks and crop failures. From the end of October, the busyness of making bricks in full swing has increased. The business of making bricks lasted for at least 5 months.

According to the district environment department, there are 203 brick kilns in the district. Of which only 6 brick kilns have valid paper. Most of these brick kilns are not paying attention to the law.

Cutting off the top soil of fertile land in these brick kilns will have a negative impact on agriculture in the long run, said Deputy Director of Naogaon Agriculture Extension Department. Samsul Wadud.

The department is supposed to play a strong role in stopping such illegal brick kiln activities, but the Deputy Director of the Department of Environment Md. Mokbur Hossain. And the traders showed various arguments.

According to the district agriculture department, at least 2,500 hectares of fertile land out of 2.5 million acres of arable land in the district is being used for brick kiln every year.

According to the Department of Environment, there are 36 bricks in Manda, 35 in Naogaon Sadar, 20 in Mahadevpur, 21 in Dhamair Hat, 28 in Badalgachhi, 18 in Patnitala, 18 in Atrai, 12 in Raninagar, 6 in Niamatpur, 2 in Sapahar and 10 bricks in Porsha.



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