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A flood of joy in the house of Ebadat

Bangladesh cricket team has won an unforgettable victory on New Zealand soil. One of the heroes of this victory is fast bowler Ebadat Hossain Chowdhury. Ebadat Hossain’s cricket handcuffs are in his own village Moulvibazar in the border upazila of Baralekha. Her family and the people of the village were overjoyed at such a spectacular performance of worship. In the middle of winter, there is a kind of quiet silence in the house, but inside and outside the house, there is a flood of joy.
A flood of joy in the house of worship

This joy is only with Ebadat Hossain Chowdhury who created a unique example in the history of Bangladesh cricket. Just as the parents and siblings of the family are happy with his performance, so are the neighbors and his playmates. According to Ebadat’s family members, he has been interested in playing cricket since he was a child. He used to play cricket from the field next to his house in Kanthaltali village of Moulvibazar border upazila Baralekha. Gradually he got huge success by participating in various tournaments locally at Kanthaltali High School ground. Then one by one they get a chance to play in different big tournaments. That’s the way it goes. Just a crest and a certificate of success across the rack of his village home.

Ebadat joined the Air Force in 2006 with a job. There too he excelled in cricket. At one point in 2016, Robbie took part in the fast bowler hunt competition and changed the pace of his life. There he topped the bowling performance. Since then he has had the opportunity to play at the national level.

In the early hours of Wednesday (January 5), Bangladesh bowled out for Bangladesh on New Zealand soil and Bangladesh won by a margin of 8 wickets. Bangladesh is proud of this and so is his family. Ebadat Hossain Chowdhury’s mother Samia Begum Chowdhury said she watched the game at night. His son prayed for other players besides Ebadat. God has accepted his prayer. His son has brought glory to the country. Bangladesh has lost such a big team like New Zealand. He is grateful to everyone for this. He asked for blessings for his son.

He added that Ebadat had called him from New Zealand. He talked to his father and brothers on the phone. Baba Nizam Uddin Chowdhury said he had a penchant for playing cricket since childhood. He has filled my house with many prizes locally before playing at the national level. Today, he is very happy to lead the country in such a game. He asked everyone to pray for his son.



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