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A meeting is going on in BRTA regarding bus fare

A meeting is going on in BRTA regarding bus fare

The concerned people sat in the meeting as they were instructed to carry half of the total seats in the bus. A meeting with stakeholders is underway at the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) head office in Banani on Wednesday (January 12th). The meeting started at 2:40 pm.

Once again, the world is terrified of the new type of corona. Corona infection has already increased in the country. Therefore, 11 instructions have been issued by the government to prevent corona. The notification was issued by the Cabinet Division on Monday (January 10).

The government has instructed buses to carry half of the total number of passengers from Thursday (January 13) to control the corona infection. For this, the bus fare per passenger will not be increased, it was mentioned in the notification.

However, the transport owners are putting pressure on the government to increase the bus fares again for transporting half of the total number of passengers in the bus. This information has been received from the concerned transport owners’ organizations.

According to BRTA sources, representatives of various organizations including Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association, Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation took part in the meeting. The meeting is discussing whether the bus fare will be increased or not and how much it will be increased.

Ramesh Chandra Ghosh, chairman of the Bangladesh Bus-Truck Owners Association, told reporters, “If the government does not provide subsidy, we will lose half the passengers by bus.” If the bus fare does not have to be increased then the government has to give subsidy.

Abul Kalam Azad, acting president of the Dhaka Road Transport Owners’ Association, said instructions could be given to transport half the passengers on the bus in compliance with the health rules but it was very difficult to implement. Passengers on the bus often do not follow the rules and regulations and do not follow the rules and regulations and again they cannot be charged more fare. We will discuss in the meeting to solve these problems.

BRTA chairman Nur Mohammad Majumder said, “We do not want to take any decision that is against the public interest.” In accordance with the guidelines of the government, we will continue our utmost efforts to manage the public transport on the road including buses and minibuses in compliance with the health rules.

Earlier on Monday, Khandaker Enayet Ullah, general secretary of the Dhaka Road Transport Owners Association, hinted at raising bus fares.

Khandaker Enayet Ullah told Samay News, “We have seen instructions to run buses with half the passengers on public transport.” But we did not get any instruction from the government regarding bus fare. This means that the rent will remain the same as before.
“We have not made any decision on this,” he said. If the government does not get any new instructions regarding rent, the rent may increase as before. And if we get new instructions, we will inform our decision according to those instructions.
Enayet Ullah said that if the bus service with half the passengers is running at the current fare, the oil price will not go up.

Meanwhile, in a statement sent to the media on Tuesday (January 11), Secretary General of the Passenger Welfare Association. Mozammel Haque Chowdhury said that in no way should the transport owners increase the fares anew. At the same time, he demanded to stop any kind of pantara to increase the rent.

Incidentally, at the beginning of last November, the bus fare was increased by an average of 26 percent. The bus fare was increased at that time in view of the increase in the price of fuel oil.
During the restrictions in 2020, in the first phase, all public transport including buses were closed for 7 days. From June 1 of that year, the bus service started with half of the passengers. On the proposal of the owners, the fare for bus minibuses was increased by 60 percent that year. Last year, bus owners implemented half-passenger transport guidelines by raising fares.



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