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A river of death in the depths of the Amazon forest!

The Amazon is one of the largest and most terrifying forests in the world, located in South America. The forest covers an area of ​​about 6 million square kilometers in 9 countries. In terms of size, Amazon is 36 times bigger than Bangladesh.

The Amazon is half the amount of rainforest in the world. The jungle, which surrounds the Amazon River, was formed about five and a half million years ago. There are about 3900 million trees of 40 thousand species in this forest. The Amazon is also called the lungs of the earth. Because 20 percent of the world’s total oxygen comes from the Amazon.

This vast forest is home to a wide variety of species. There are different kinds of birds, different kinds of fish, reptiles and insects. There are also many dangerous animals. Numerous venomous species of snakes including leopard, meat-eating piranha, electric eel, venomous dart frog. One of the mysteries of the Amazon is that there is a boiling river in its depths. Boiling river with continuous smoke rising.

Once in that river, death of any animal including human is certain. The water of this river is so warm that it can be boiled or melted by any animal or even human. As soon as you go near the river, you start to shine. The name of the river is Mayantuiyasu. The length of the river is 6 km. Its depth is about 20 feet. No animals can be seen living in this part of the forest.

The river of death was discovered by Andre Rujo, a Spanish geologist. He first heard of this warmer river from his grandfather. However, according to his commentary, if the river water is to boil, there must be a volcano nearby. If there is no source of heat, there is no chance of heating the water. But there are no volcanoes around the Amazon. To unravel the mystery, Rujo sets out in search of that boiling river. And that’s where the river of death meets.

The four-mile-long, smoky river and the water of the river are littered with carcasses of various animals and birds. Surprised, Rujo touched the river and guessed its warmth. Rujo told the media that as soon as he touched the water of the river, he realized that the river was undoubtedly a death trap. He saw a dead bank submerged in the water of that river. It only took a second for it to boil. Andre Rujo described the river as a mysterious river.

He said that such boiling water rivers are not uncommon in the world but there are volcanoes around those rivers which make the river water warm. It is a mystery how the waters of this river in the Amazon are so warm or boiling even though there are no volcanoes.



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