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Abuse of Taliban, arrest of Afghan professor

A prominent Afghan professor has been arrested for publicly criticizing the Taliban government. The AFP news agency quoted a government spokesman as saying.

Professor Faizullah Jalal has spoken on several television talk shows since the overthrow of the US-backed Afghan government in mid-August. At the time, he was sharply critical of the Taliban. One of the group’s spokesmen was called a “cowboy” and the intelligence chief was called a “Pakistani clown”.

He blamed the Taliban for the country’s economic downturn and crisis on the talk show. As he ruled the country by force, he slammed the hardline Islamist group.

AFP says the Taliban have cracked down on dissidents since coming to power. Protesters demanding women’s rights have been forcibly dispersed. Several Afghan journalists were briefly detained.

Professor Jalal was arrested on Saturday (January 6th). In a tweet, Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid claimed that.

In a post on social media, Mujahid said that Faizullah Jalal wanted to provoke the people against the government. He is playing with people’s respect. He has been arrested so that other professors or scholars would not make the same foolish remarks as him. Because it damages the human dignity of the people.

Mujahid also shared the tweet posted by Faizullah Jalal. He also called the Taliban’s intelligence chief a “Pakistani clown”. In the post, he said the new government is considering Afghans as donkeys.

In a television talk show, Professor Jalal called Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem a “cowboy.” Mohammad Naeem also took part in the talk show.

Masuda, Jalal’s wife and Afghanistan’s first female presidential candidate, said her husband had been arrested by the Taliban and taken to an unknown location. Faizullah Jalal has spoken in favor of justice and national interest in his activities.

Faizullah Jalal, a professor of political science at Kabul University, has made a name for himself by criticizing Afghan leaders at various times. Human rights group Amnesty International has condemned his arrest.



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