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Aesthetic household products made by the prisoners have responded to the fair

Aesthetic household products made by the prisoners have responded to the trade fair. Those who come to the fair are happy to be able to buy various handicrafts needed for housework cheaply. In this regard, the jail authorities said that half of the profit is deposited in the name of the concerned prisoners, which they can spend as they wish.

The Taj Mahal is a fleet of sailing boats, a reflection of a grieving family, or a unique symbol of love. Various eye-catching products have been made in the hands of those who have been imprisoned in the country’s prisons for various crimes. This trade fair pavilion has been arranged for the promotion and market expansion of all these products.

The lower the price, the better. So all day long visitors come here to buy the product of their choice.

After coming to the fair, the buyers and visitors said about the products of this pavilion, we understand the criminals as prisoners. Straight to the point that he is in prison. The thing that kills a person’s mind when he is a prisoner did not happen. Looking at these products, it is clear that they are still in a good mood. These bags are sold outside for 200 rupees, but we get them for 150 rupees.

There are various aesthetic products including furniture, toys, carpets, lungi-towels, wood-bamboo-cane chairs, tools, wrappers, clothes and decorative accessories for decorating the house.

Why the Department of Prisons is making products with the prisoners of the Department of Prisons Deputy District. Zakir Hasan Real said, “Our goods have come here from every prison.” Our main goal is to train prisoners and rehabilitate them in the mainstream of society so that they can be employed later with this knowledge. All in all, our goal is to turn the prisoner’s hand into a worker’s hand.

In this way a part of the profit from the sale of goods is deposited in the name of the prisoner concerned. He can spend the money in jail as he wishes or send it home. Rani Saha, deputy district magistrate of Gazipur district jail, said that these products are usually made by hardworking prisoners. 50% of the dividends sold will be deposited in their prisoner’s cash or PC’s cash. They will be able to spend this money inside the jail or send it to their homes through PC card.

At the same time, regional authorities have given importance to the production of products, said the jail authorities.



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