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All the unknown information about the great telescope of history

The largest space telescope in Earth’s history has been successfully launched into space. The ওয়েব 1 trillion James Webb Space Telescope is considered one of the most important and promising scientific projects of the 21st century.

JWST launched last Saturday (December 25) from the launchpad of the European Space Agency in French Guiana. The project takes 30 long years to design and research. Built with so much time and money, JWST’s main goal is to find the first constellations and galaxies in the universe.

The main feature of this new telescope is a reflecting mirror which is 7.5 meters wide. Gold plating on the back of this giant mirror. It is almost three times larger and 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope currently in operation.

It is named after one of the architects of the Apollo lunar mission in the United States. The Hubble Telescope, now in space, will be replaced by the James Webb, and will be able to see into space at a distance that has never been possible before.

With its huge mirror and four ultra-sensitive instruments, astronomers will be able to see into the depths of space with this James Webb Telescope. The first to be traced back to the light of the stars that disappeared after the Big Bang 1,300 billion years ago, the Big Bang or the Big Bang.

Scientists say that atomic reactions at that time led to the formation for the first time of “heavy atoms” such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur, which were essential for the creation of life.

Another goal of James Webb is to observe the atmosphere of distant planets – so that they can guess whether they have an animal-like environment at all. The orbit in which the telescope will be placed is 1.5 million kilometers away from the Earth. James Webb will be able to take pictures of the distant world where the first galaxies were formed. Then it will be possible to take pictures of the planets orbiting other stars.

When the Italian scientist Galileo invented the telescope in 1809, people were able to see the objects beyond the first sight. With that telescope, it is possible to see the objects of space, such as the moon of Jupiter, which revolves around Jupiter, not the earth.

Through this, the world-centered world that people imagined changed forever. About four hundred years later, in 1990, the Hubble Telescope was launched into space, ushering in a new revolutionary era in the knowledge of the universe. The Hubble Telescope incorporates the latest in optical technology from the nineties.



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