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Alves second debut delayed at barca

Dani Alves second debut is being delayed at Barcelona. he is reportedly likely to play next January.

on November 12 this year, Barca reported the return of Dani Alves. it’s been a month since he returned home, but he hasn’t played the club jersey yet. club coach Javi Hernandez is reluctant to rely on him right now. because the Brazilian star is 38 years old. after Dani arrived at Barca, Javi played oscar mingle at the dub end of the defence. Sergio DeSoto and sarge Roberto are also in the position as play-outs. Alves is likely to be fielded by the coach on January 2, the Catalan club will play against mayor ka on that day.

Dani Alves has spent most of his career in a Barcelona jersey. he has numerous memories of the club. a few days ago, the Catalan club said it was ‘willing to put on the jersey’ even when it came to the twilight of his career. the 38-year-old footballer returned to the old club. now that he has made a good debut, it’s his turn to surprise him on the field.

new Barca coach Javi Hernandez gave the ‘green signal’ to Alves to return to the club. and then the buzz started. it was learnt that the Spanish club had earlier tried to reach a consensus on the details for a deal with him. then came the final announcement. however, many disagreed with the return of old Alves to the club. however, he did not have to spend any extra money on sheep in the team.

Alves has played for Barca for nearly eight seasons. during his time, the defence at the right end of the club was steely. his understanding with Lionel Messi, who moved to PSG, was also excellent. it is now the responsibility of the duo to pair up one to one piece. Alves played for three more clubs after leaving the Catalan club in 2016. currently, however, he is not on a contract with anyone, having last played for his country’s club, Sao Paulo.

free agent Alves anchored the old room this time. in an interview with the media a few days ago, he said, “if Barca thinks I need it, I am willing to pay for them again.” only I have to be called. I still think I can do something for them. but I also know they have a lot of young players at present.

Dani Alves has won about 43 trophies in club and country combined. he holds the record for the highest trophy win in football history. all in all, taking him on the superstar’s list may not surprise the football team much. he is still in great form. Alves won gold for the brazil Olympic team a few days ago. he still retains the winning mentality.



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