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An unknown world under the ground!

Multiple underground tunnels have been found in Brazil that have been hidden from public view for millions of years. Which became public after 2000. It is known that a geologist suddenly found the tunnel one day on his way.

It is known that one of the tunnels is about 2000 feet long. More than 6 feet in height. And these tunnels, wide in size, have multiple entrances and exits. Some entrances are more than 15 feet wide.

Heinrich Frank, a professor of geology at the University of Rio, was the first to discover those tunnels under the ground. He rescued holes under a house to be built. The shape and structure of the rescued holes aroused the curiosity of Frank. He decides to go into the hole and see what’s in it. Then the mystery of the tunnel broke.

Before Frank, many people did not pay attention to such tunnels. Many thought that these caves were created naturally. Frank, meanwhile, was the first to point out that these tunnels, which look like caves, are not natural. They are made. He gave a piece of information that is a bit surprising. According to him, the people who built these tunnels are not human!

Frank said that after entering the tunnel, he saw hard nail marks all over the walls of the caves, which is not possible for humans at all. The geologist then started researching the tunnels. You know there are at least a thousand and a half such tunnels under the ground in Brazil. And each has the same characteristics. Each tunnel has multiple entrances. His explanation suggests that the tunnel was made by a prehistoric creature. That animal may be a contemporary of dinosaurs.

Frank said the point is that not only is research worthwhile, but caves or tunnels made by these prehistoric animals could also be preserved. Frank thinks that there is a prehistoric man-made architecture as well as an opportunity to see animal houses.

At the same time, he said, there is a danger that the tunnels will be damaged due to the pressure of construction work. So he has already started the work of conservation on his own initiative. However, the process is going to be quite difficult. It is not an easy task to judge the characteristics of each of the nearly one and a half thousand tunnels under the ground in Brazil. Frank said they are trying and hope many more will come forward to help.



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