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Anarchy in the Waz field Caution is needed

The whole winter can be called the season of waz mahfil. This mahfil started long ago. However, the amount of Waz mahfil that has been taking place in Bangladesh in recent years may not be found in any other country at any time in history. Especially the bizarre arrangement that takes place around the mahfil is different in one word. Spontaneously young people organize mahfils in each area. Fundraising was done for this, speakers were invited, pendulums were arranged, microphones were installed far and wide, meals were arranged for the speakers and guests, and Tabarak was arranged for the general audience. In this way huge organization goes on around every mahfil.
Anarchy in the Waz field: Caution is needed

The people of each neighborhood or mahalla have to give one month or two months for each mahfil. Preparations for the big event have been going on for almost a year now. If you want to invite a big speaker, you have to take the serial one year in advance. From filling out his special form to fulfilling all his conditions.

One of these conditions is to pay a portion of the gift for advance booking. Helicopters have to be kept as a means of transportation to invite big speakers. The speakers who go to waz by helicopter are called helicopter lords. There will be 10 to 15 people in such a helicopter right now. Of course, these 10-15 people who get on a lot more helicopters, otherwise the number of speakers who get on the helicopter from time to time will be much higher. So far, there are no statistics on the number of speakers in our country. However, it is estimated that the number of young emerging speakers will exceed a few thousand.

Basically somewhere the number of vaginas becomes more than the audience. Those who regularly listen to Waz also become a small speaker. Speakers to speak, speakers to listen to. When they didn’t get a chance on stage, these speakers made a tick and left it on social media. Thus Waz Nasihat has become very cheap. This is very sad. The benefits that devout Muslims expected from the Waz mahfil have been greatly diminished. Especially in recent times, many idiots have turned the stage of Mahfil into a stage of dance songs and useless jokes.

Many speakers started politics inside the mahfil. Gave a seditious speech. He tried to spread militancy. He tried to arouse the common worshipers towards the minority community. It is seen in the speeches of many speakers that indecent words are chosen towards women. Many of his speakers are called Vadaimya by his devotees because of his eloquent and eye-catching speeches. The speaker was also very happy to receive this title. Educated and decent listeners lose interest due to these reasons. Yet all classes of people listen to Waz from YouTube and Facebook.

Nowadays, Waz doesn’t listen for guidance, he listens for some entertainment. To spend leisure time. The gatherings have become a stage for storytelling and comedy. The audience was mesmerized by the fancy gestures and colors. There is no posture for a little money that the speakers cannot do. Do all kinds of song melodies. Will act. Sometimes you will dance to the beat of dhikr. Swear, talk obscenely, do everything. Seeing this, many demanded that the government should control these gatherings. But when the government tried to control it, the speakers got angry. The government usually does not want to interfere in such matters. Basically, the scholars themselves need to see it. The mahfils should be controlled by the great scholars of the country with initiative. Leaders of all religious organizations should formulate WAZ policies. But no such policy has come to light so far.

Those who preach Waz in Waz mahfil do not usually become great scholars. Very ordinary scholars preach. On the contrary, many great orators did not even pass. Neither Alia nor Qaumi has been able to obtain regular certificates from any of the madrasas. Many speakers have become speakers while collecting donations from mosques. Someone has been hired to collect donations for the mosque in the morning with a microphone on the side of the road or near the bridge. There are many such instances. In order to be a speaker, our country basically needs adequate vocalization and beautiful voice. The qualifications of some of the speakers are only very short, there is a speaker who miraculously wakes up one day and sees that he has changed from a girl to a boy. There are some speakers who are not Muslims. There are speakers of different brands such as two and a half foot speaker, three foot speaker, children’s speaker. These waz mahfils have turned into really great jokes.

Many people say, why don’t the great scholars go to Waz? Don’t go because it is difficult to go to a good scholar and stand in the line of Waz. If one wants to do well in this profession, he must go down. The mahfil has to be gathered by telling a made-up story. Artificial melody should be given. It has been seen that more than one great scholar has started the story like the general speakers. If one hand of the hadith pulls the word and makes ten hands, the mahfil does not freeze.

As history has shown, this chaos in the Waz field is very old. Such a situation has been observed since the time of the Companions. It was during the time of the beloved Prophet’s Companions that many such speakers started chanting Waz. The disciples try to dissuade them. In every age, great scholars have made people aware of these speakers. Many books have been written throughout the ages to warn foul speakers. In between, I will name a few famous books.

Ibn al-Jawzi, a famous historian and muhaddith of the sixth century. Wrote an informative book, Alcussas wal Muzakkirin. Hafez Iraqi Rah in the eighth century. Wrote ‘Albayes Alal Khalas’. Hafez Suyuti lived in the ninth century. He wrote his time-honored book ‘Tahajirul Khawas’. The name of the book ‘Tahzirul Khawas’ means to warn the civil citizens against the lies of the speakers. In our time, wise scholars have been seen to talk less about the chaos in the field of Waz than that. Because in this age of social media, if you say something about a witty scholar waz mahfil, there is a possibility of extreme trolls about him. No one wants to be harassed by trolls. But if everyone neglects to fulfill their responsibilities in this way, then the dilemma will continue to increase day by day. The possibility of destroying the religious environment of the country will continue to increase. Therefore, the conscious scholars and the general religious people must come forward to stop the anarchy in the field of Waz.



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