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Ansu Fatir’s brother is playing without pay

Ansu Fati is one of the youngest footballers in the world today. Who plays for Spanish club Barcelona. His salary at the Catalan club is around 60,000 thousand pound a week. But his elder brother Brima Fati has signed a contract with an English club to play without pay!

Brima Fati will play for England’s ninth tier club Beaglesweed United without any pay. Like Barcelona’s Ansu Fati, he will also play after the number 10 jersey. He also has a purpose behind playing without pay. He wants to learn English from England.

Although Brima has signed a contract with the ninth division club, his younger brother is writing a kind of history in Barcelona. He will be at the Catalan club until 2026. He is wearing Messi’s number 10 jersey. Argentina is ahead of this forward in some places. Most of the supporters may find it difficult to accept this. But he has really surpassed Messi in a number of places.

Ansu Fatir’s current age is 19. Fatir was born in 2002 in Bissau, Guinea. About six years later, his family moved to Sevilla, Spain. He joined Bara when he was just 13 years old. From there to the senior team of Bara. He made his Barিতেa jersey debut on August 25, 2019. Earlier, in July, he signed a contract with the club by 2022. Since then, the star has held numerous records.

He became the youngest footballer in El Clাসsico history to score last season at the age of just 16. At that time Fatir was 18 years and 359 days old. That goal is again Bar বারa’s 400th goal against Real. He also holds the record for the youngest footballer in La Liga. Fatir also has a record for the Spanish national team. Fatti has scored as the youngest footballer for the national team, the first in the history of the Spanish national team. He has scored a total of 18 goals in the Barcelona jersey.

Fati is more talented than Messi in some places. Although Fatty is ahead of the Argentine star – this may be difficult for most supporters to accept. But really at one point in the statistics is the wonder boy of the Catalan club ahead of the Argentine football magician. Fatir is now under nineteen. On the 31st of this month 19 will be his. At this age, he has scored 13 goals in the league in Barcelona jersey. Before reaching the age of 19, Messi scored only 6 goals for Barcelona in the league.

Ansu Fatir’s current age is 18 years 351 days. He has scored a total of 15 goals in the Barcelona jersey. At the age of 16 years and 351 days, Messi scored 6 goals for the Catalans. Fatti scored the last goal for Bar্সa in the 3-1 win over Valencia at the Nou Camp. After digesting one goal, Fati gave a flood of joy in the 13th minute. A year later, in the starting XI, he removed the worry of Koman’s forehead. Equality back in the match.



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