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Argentine DJ is receiving death threats by dancing to Messi

A video from late December spread through social media. Lionel Messi is enjoying a Christmas party with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo. He was also seen shaking hands and opening his throat. Such a lively scene of the faceless Messi was appreciated by the fans as well. But soon after this incident, the Argentine superstar got bad news.

Lionel Messi has been hit by a devastating corona. Not only Messi, but 3 other footballers including him have been infected with the deadly virus, according to the PSG authorities.

Since then, fans have been blaming the party where Messi danced with everyone. Not only that, DJ Far Palacio, who played music at the party, is also referred to as a ‘murderer’. The situation has reached such a horrible stage that the DJ has also claimed his innocence with the evidence of a cowardly test.

Palacio uploaded a photo taken with the Argentine football magician at the Christmas party on the social platform Instagram. And in the comments room of that post, he was blamed for Messi’s coronation. He is even being called a murderer.
Meanwhile, in his own response, the Argentine DJ said, “Everyone is blaming me after Messi’s corona was positive.” People are saying that he has been infected by me. But I mean, I didn’t do it. He also added Corona’s report to the Instagram post.

News of Messi’s coronation came to light on Sunday (December 2). However, the Argentine media claims that Messi himself knew about the matter long ago. Meanwhile, PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino said he did not know much about Messi’s coronary heart attack.

However, a statement from PSG said that four of our footballers tested positive in the Corona Test. They are Juan Bernat, Sergio Rico, Nathan Bitumajal and Lionel Messi. We have separated them from the team and placed them in quarantine. They are in our health protocol.

Meanwhile, many media outlets have reported that Messi, a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, has been attacked by Omicron. However, his club PSG did not say anything about this.

Football matches are being canceled all over Europe due to Omicron. The condition of English clubs is very fragile. Don’t attack the world again. Clubs and supporters are worried about the attack on the PSG camp.

Earlier, he did not attack Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and Man United. The number of victims is increasing in France. The PSG footballers were not saved even after leaving the French Cup in front. Messi is worried about when he will return to the field. PSG coach Pachettino has said he will not play Leo in League One next week.

Apart from Messi, PSG is also not getting Neymar. He is currently in Brazil recovering from an injury.



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