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Australia is treating Djokovic like a prisoner

The Australian government is treating Djokovic like a prisoner. To insult him is to insult the whole of Serbia. Joko’s family made the claim at a news conference in protest of the Australian government’s mistreatment of him. However, the Australian Home Minister has denied it.

Robbery in Melbourne Park. Preparations are underway for the successful organization of the first Grand Slam Australian Open of the year. But there is no life in it. Because Australia is upset over the Novak Djokovic issue. Djokovic supporters have been protesting since he was detained at the airport. There have been several protests in front of Melbourne Park. They can’t accept such treatment of the prince of record in any way.

According to Australian immigration law, if you want to enter the country, you need to have a certificate of taking two doses of Corono. But Djokovic has said in advance that he does not want anyone to know whether he has been vaccinated or not.

One of the most successful stars of the season wanted to take part in the Australian Open with special permission from the Victorian government. But the immigration authorities at the airport were not satisfied. He was later kept in a hotel. Joko’s family claims Australia is treating their son like a prisoner.

“My son is being treated like a prisoner,” said Djoka Djokovic, Joko’s mother. It’s unfair. Such treatment of the best player in the world is by no means desirable. We expect justice. He should get a chance to play.

Djokovic’s father claims that insulting Djokovic means insulting the whole of Serbia. Djokovic’s father, Sergeant Djokovic, said Jokowi, like all other players, had the necessary paperwork. He took permission. But they are now denying it. However, many players have been allowed to enter Australia. To insult Djokovic is to insult Serbia. The Australian government is doing this on purpose. We strongly protest against this. ”

Protests continue in Serbia. Joko’s neighbors and supporters can’t believe it. However, the Australian Interior Ministry has denied the allegations.

“Djokovic is free,” said Karen Andrews, Australia’s interior minister. He could leave Australia at any time if he wanted to. We didn’t hold him back. This allegation is completely baseless.

Djokovic holds 20 Grand Slam trophies with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. And winning a Grand Slam will leave Joko alone.



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