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Bangladesh cricket in 2021: beginning with hope, ending with despair

Defeat in the T20 World Cup or whitewash against Pakistan at home, yet the statistics say the most successful Bangladesh cricket team this year! Because in 2021, the two best teams in the world have won the series against Australia and New Zealand. They have also set a record of winning the series this year.

Bangladesh cricket started this year with a message of hope after losing a year to Corona. Bangladesh started the year by winning the ODI series against the weaker West Indies. But Muminul Bahini had to stumble in the Test series. Even with the second row team, Bangladesh had to be whitewashed with spin-assisted wickets. After that they went to New Zealand and failed as usual. Go-Hara has lost both the ODI and T20 series.

After the failure in New Zealand, they lost to Sri Lanka in April. However, Bangladesh took revenge well at home in May. The Tigers lost to the Lankans in the ODI series. After that, the triumph of Bangladesh started.

Bangladesh beat Australia and New Zealand at home after winning the ODI and T20 series in Zimbabwe. And after that the hopes were growing around the T20 World Cup. Although the red-green forces have collapsed on the world stage. After losing to a weaker opponent Scotland, there was a fear of being eliminated from the qualifying round. However, despite overcoming the selection hurdle in the end, they did not win any of the five matches played in the Super Twelve. In fact, Mahmudullah’s forces have surrendered helplessly. And as a result, he had to leave the World Cup empty-handed.

Besides, Bangladesh has had to whitewash the T20 and Test series against Pakistan at home after the World Cup. After winning the ODI series against the West Indies, the year ended with a loss against Pakistan. However, this year’s achievement is not less. It can be said that 2021 was a year of mixed experience for Bangladeshi cricket fans.

In 2021, Bangladesh has won a record six series. This includes three ODIs and three T20 series. Bangladesh has never won so many series in a year before. However, the Tigers had previously won the series five times at most twice a year. Won five series for the first time in 2009. Besides, he also won five series in 2016. On the other hand, Bangladesh won four series in 2008 and 2015.

Meanwhile, another achievement this year is a direct place in the 2022 Australia World Cup. However, in spite of so many records and achievements, the defeat of the World Cup and the series loss against Pakistan at home have remained in the hearts of the fans of Bangladesh. But optimistic supporters hope Bangladesh will turn around in the new year.



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