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Barsa Target – Morata will leave or not Juventus ?

Alvaro Morata, once played for Real Madrid. He also played for city rivals Atletico Madrid. Now he is at Juventus. Although rumors have been circulating for some time, Barsa coach Xavi Hernandez is going to take Morata to the team.

The Spanish forward has been confirmed by Juventus that he is not going anywhere. Sergio Aguero, meanwhile, ended his career last December with a heart attack. Barাa are looking for a new player to replace him.

The situation in Barcelona is not so good. So Xavi has to move forward by looking and keeping an eye on the money. With that in mind, the Catalan club may have wanted to join Morata at a lower cost.

Xavi has taken Torres back in the team before. The Catalan club bought him from Manchester City for 55 million euros. He will return to join Barcelona in January instead of the winter team. He has not been seen in a Manchester jersey since last September. He was out due to injury.

In the last few years, Feran Torres has spread a lot of light. He has scored 6 goals in 15 matches for Spain this year, a total of 12 goals in 22 matches. He has also taken a look at this year’s Euro Championship. He has scored 18 goals in 43 appearances for Manchester City. For all these reasons, Bar was probably interested in him.

Even if Torres is included in the team, Barাa is under debt. In mid-August, Barcelona said it had a debt of 1.35 billion euros.

At a press conference, the president of the club Juan Laporta said that the debt of Barcelona is 1.35 billion Euros, in Bangladeshi Taka which amounts to about 13,500 crores. All the responsibility for this is the Bartemeu Committee. The Laporta Committee argues that Barthelemy took out the loan while he was president of Bar্সa. Because he resigned at the last moment of last year. If Laporta had been elected president for the second time last March, it would not have been a mountainous situation.

“When we took charge of the club, we were asked to borrow at least 60 million euros,” said Laporta. Goldman Sachs eventually approved the loan. The reason for this was that there was no money in the Barারa fund at that time to pay the players and officials. We did not create this situation. It was made in advance. ‘



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