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BCB’s social platform was in a deep sleep on the glorious day of Bangladesh!

Wednesday (January 5). The dawn has not yet dawned in Bangladesh. In the meantime, a new red-green sun has risen on the soil of New Zealand, a country on the shores of Tasman.

Bangladesh has won a historic victory on New Zealand soil. The Tigers have never before won in any format on Kiwi soil. With that elite version of Gero Cuttle Cricket, again by a huge margin of 8 wickets. The best achievement of cricket in the country will be said less.

Ever since Bangladesh’s chances of victory arose at the end of the fourth day of the Test at Mount Manganui, many fans have spent sleepless nights remembering the historic moment of the victory. Apart from this, many people have been waiting like birds on the TV screen since the beginning of the fifth day, i.e. when the match started at 4 am Bangladesh time.

After the historic victory against New Zealand, there was a storm of congratulations on social media. The world’s best cricket legends like Kurnish did not forget to tell the red-green jersey holders. Besides, Tiger cricketers Shakib and Tamim were also active on different platforms. Supporters also shared that moment of historic victory.

But those who were supposed to celebrate first, they were in a deep sleep! Almost three hours have passed since the most glorious Test victory of Bangladesh cricket, but no update has been given from the BCB’s Twitter or Facebook. On the other hand, New Zealand lost the Test match but their Twitter handle was relatively active.

Meanwhile, the issue has come to the notice of many supporters. And so they also raised the question, if this is the case then what is the need to keep the social platforms of the BCB.

A few days ago, the BCB had created a huge criticism by putting ‘Shahid’s head on Shakib’s neck’ on the verified Facebook page. Even in the 21st century, it seems that the indifference of the Bengal Cricket Board has been pointed out on social media.

Then a lot of time has passed, the message of assurance has been heard. Changes have taken place in the media committee of BCB. Tanvir Titu, the chairman of the committee, hinted at a big change here with the responsibility. The cricket board’s websites also promised to be streamlined.

It is said that the newly elected committee wants to put an end to various critical activities of the BCB on social platforms. Tanvir Titu, chairman of the media committee, said the BCB’s social website would be adapted to keep pace with the times. “Our social media platforms will be built to international standards,” he said. So that everything is available in one place. ‘

But stay away from that international standard, wait to see when it will be up-to-date!



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