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Beware of oyster thieves

The best French in Europe for oyster farming. A couple of years ago, the country produced about 6,000 oysters. The estimated value will be 396 million euros or more than 36 thousand crore rupees.

At the end of the year in France, oysters are very delicious to eat at various traditional occasions. At this time the demand for oysters also increased. A dish of six improved oysters sells for 24 euros, or 2,300 rupees, at the Chase Franাসois restaurant.

Due to high demand, the thieves are looking for opportunities to steal the material. About three tonnes of oysters were stolen from the farm of French oyster farmer Christophe Gino a few years ago.

The price in the market is 20 thousand euros or about two lakh rupees. Gino’s farm on the Spanish border with France. There, oysters are kept in cages in the water. The cages are fastened with an iron frame to protect them from being swept away by the waves.

In addition to recruiting manpower to guard the farm, technology is also being used. Oyster-shaped tracers, including drones, are also used. But it is still impossible for farmers to guard such a large farm 24 hours a day.
But thieves do not sit still. They come up with new ideas. Remove the oysters from the water cage. Evidence of the use of oyster shells as currency has been found throughout human history.

A man named Christoph Gino invented a fancy strategy to prevent theft. He took out some oysters from his farm cage, inserted a small message in their shell with the message ‘Oysters equal to your weight’ and put them in another oyster with glue.

The police are being informed when someone buys the stolen oysters and comes to the farm with the letter in the hope of a reward. It is becoming quite easy for the police to find out from whom this oyster was bought.



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