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Biden adds fuel to Sino-US conflict

US President Joe Biden has signed a bill banning the import of goods from China’s Uighur-populated Xinjiang region. Experts believe the new bill will further complicate the situation amid ongoing tensions between the two countries surrounding the Winter Olympics.

China has sharply criticized the law banning the import of goods. China-US conflict escalates over diplomatic boycott of 2022 Winter Olympics US President Joe Biden has rekindled tensions between the two countries.

Biden on Thursday signed a bill in the Senate banning imports from China’s Uyghur-populated Xinjiang. With his signature, the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act became law.

The United States has said no Uighur Muslims were killed in the attack.

The new law calls on China to prove that it does not impose any obligations on Chinese Uyghur workers in Xinjiang. The United States will stop importing goods from the region unless Chinese companies provide clear and credible evidence to the United States.

Beijing has rejected the new law, sharply criticizing the Biden administration’s move. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the United States had adopted “tactics” to obstruct China’s progress.

He said allegations of forced labor and genocide in Xinjiang were untrue. The United States is lying about this. They are trying to create an unstable environment in Xinjiang, China. They have no right to blow their noses on China’s internal affairs.

Despite claims by various human rights groups besides the United States, the Chinese administration has held millions of Uyghurs in various prisons in Xinjiang province. However, Beijing claims that in addition to technical training, various measures have been taken to keep them away from extremism.
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the news at a news conference. Earlier, the Biden administration imposed similar sanctions on four Chinese officials.

Washington-Beijing tensions are rising over the Uyghur issue. The two countries have been taking reciprocal steps for some time now. Meanwhile, China imposed sanctions on four US officials on Tuesday.

U.S. officials under sanctions include Nadine Mainza, chairman of the Religious Freedom Commission, Nuri Turkel, deputy chairman, Anurima Vargav, and James Carr.

At a news conference in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the US administration had illegally imposed sanctions on four Chinese officials, alleging so-called human rights abuses in Xinjiang province.
He said four US officials had been banned in protest of the decision. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also called the Xinjiang issue an internal matter of China.

At the press conference, Zhao Li Jian also said that US officials under sanctions would not be able to visit mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Any of their property in China will be confiscated.

The United States has said it will not buy goods from Xinjiang province, accusing Uighur Muslims of killing, torturing and forcing them to work before Chinese officials ban them. On the other hand, China has always denied all allegations of Muslim persecution. Sources Reuters and BCC.



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