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‘Biennial World Cup to have negative impact on women’s football’

UEFA President Alexander Seferin has once again clarified his position against the biennial World Cup. She said it was a bad proposal and if implemented, women’s football would be destroyed. Noting that the popularity of the World Cup cannot be tarnished in any way, the head of European football said, “We will all work together to stop this reckless decision of the FIFA president.”

The FIFA president has been trying for years to bring innovation to the World Cup. Infantino argued in favor of hosting the last biennial World Cup, with the participation of 48 countries. However, UEFA has been rejecting this proposal from the beginning.

FIFA will benefit financially if the World Cup is held for two consecutive years. The member countries will get part of it. But the UEFA president thinks that if this happens, the busy schedule will put pressure on world football. Which will have a direct negative impact on women’s football.

Alexander Seferin, president of UEFA, said: “First of all, not only Europe but also Latin America does not want a biennial World Cup. If the two confederations that have won titles in World Cup history are against the proposal, I don’t think it should be. Moreover, if the World Cup is held for two consecutive years, it will have a direct impact on the Women’s World Cup. Because at this time the girls’ meeting is held. It’s just a bad proposal and impossible to implement. ‘

The World Cup is hosting one World Cup and one Olympic Games every two years. If the World Cup is two years in a row, it will definitely have an impact on the Olympic year. Therefore, the head of European football urged not to implement this proposal.

The UEFA president added: “The World Cup could be held every six months. But what will happen! The World Cup will lose both prestige and popularity. We all know the Olympic Games are two years after the World Cup. In the same way, two years later, the World Cup again. But if we want to hold the World Cup every two years in a row, then the pressure will increase in these two mega events. So I say we should all stand up against this proposal. ‘

Conmebol, along with UEFA, has been opposing the FIFA president’s proposal. However, many are looking forward to the biennial World Cup in the lucrative handshake of an additional four and a half billion dollars.



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