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Blanket distribution was not conflicting: Health Minister

From meetings to school gates, there is no such thing as hygiene. Similarly, the recommendation of the National Technical Advisory Committee to stop public gatherings to prevent neglected Omicron.

However, Health Minister Zahid Malek said that a notification would be issued by the cabinet in a day or two to comply with the health rules. Meanwhile, as the rallies are going on all over the country, the public gatherings are also going on as before.

Corona infection is on the rise again in the country. Not only the meeting-assembly, but also the school gate was overcrowded.

When there was such a situation outside, the health minister himself had distributed winter clothes at a public meeting in Manikganj on Saturday (January 6). However, a day before, the advisory committee had recommended the closure of the public meeting.

However, in Manikganj yesterday (Saturday) you (Health Minister) held a public meeting and distributed winter clothes, whether it was in conflict with the advisory committee, the minister said, no, there was nothing to conflict with that, everyone was wearing a mask. And this is what I have given a thousand blankets on my own initiative and I have complied with the hygiene rules.

He made the remarks in response to a question from reporters as he walked out of the ceremony at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Sunday (January 9th) at noon.

The power of the new type of corona omikron is increasing all over the world. This variant is found to be more contagious in Bangladesh. That too about a month ago. Although Omicron’s efforts to prevent social transmission are not yet visible.

“We hope the notification will be issued this afternoon or tomorrow,” the minister said. The message will go across the country to implement the guidelines that were discussed.

On the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee last Friday, it was said that in addition to closing the meeting, the students should be brought under the vaccine. The committee suggested strengthening screening in all ports and ports. Although social distance and hygiene are recommended, the reality is different.



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