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BNP leaders have lost their livelihood after seeing hundreds of people: Information Minister

The information minister and joint general secretary of the Awami League, Dr. Hassan Mahmud.

He made the remarks at noon on Tuesday (January 4) at the Secretariat.

After the rally in 32 districts, the Information Minister drew attention to the BNP secretary general’s remark, “People don’t want Awami League.” Now in their rallies in different districts we have seen that they have thwarted their own rallies by fighting. Mirza Fakhrul has lost his temper after seeing not thousands but hundreds of people at various rallies. ‘

“The people of Bangladesh are with the Awami League, they are with the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and they are with the government, they (BNP) will be able to realize that in the election,” said Hasan Mahmud.

Earlier, the Minister held a meeting with the Television and Digital Program Producers Association of Bangladesh (Telepab) in the conference room of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Ministry Additional Secretary Khadija Begum, Telepab President Iresh Jaker, General Secretary Saju Montaser, Vice Presidents Sajjad Hossain Dodul, Zahir Ahmed, Ansarul Alam Lincoln, Office Secretary AKM Nahidul Islam Niazi, Sports and Culture Secretary Mohammad Ashraful Alam Bablu, Archive Affairs Secretary Mir Fakhruddin Chhotan, Social Welfare Secretary Ainul Islam Chowdhury Chanchal and members M Rezaul Karim Sajal, Sadek Siddiqui, Zakir Khan, Barrister Olora Afrin, Rasheda Akter Lajuk attended the meeting. After the meeting, the Information Minister answered various questions of the journalists.

Asked about the dismissal of independent mayoral candidate Taimur Alam Khandaker from the post of BNP chairperson’s adviser in Narayanganj, Awami League joint general secretary Hasan Mahmud said, “In fact, the BNP has realized that there is no possibility of Taimur Alam Khandaker’s victory.” It is trying to get rid of the shame of defeat by releasing him from various positions before realizing it. ‘

Regarding the founding anniversary of Chhatra League, the Information Minister said, Chhatra League was formed on January 4, 1948, one year before the formation of Awami League. The contribution of Chhatra League in the freedom struggle and war of independence starting from the movement for independence will be written in golden letters in the history of the nation. Chhatra League has played a role in the formation of the country at the call of Bangabandhu even after the country gained independence. My expectation from Chhatra League is that Chhatra League will play a role in delivering the country to the dream address of Bangabandhu. So that no intruder can enter the Chhatra League and defame it. We urge those who have tried to tarnish the image of Chhatra League by smearing water on lime or even if it is something that has been written or not written in Chhatra League at some point.

In response to the BNP’s negative remarks about the dialogue on the formation of the Election Commission, Dr. Hassan Mahmoud said, “There was no obligation on the President to have a dialogue. He is in dialogue with various political parties to make the process of formation of the Election Commission transparent. The words that the BNP says can also be said by going to His Excellency the President. But without doing so, they are constantly spreading confusion outside, proving that they do not believe in democratic norms.

In response to questions about the media law. Hasan Mahmud said, “The work that was done during the BNP was done to make the media workers workers. It was necessary to do away with it. This law has done away with it.” The law has been framed keeping in view all the issues that were discussed with the leaders of the journalist community. However, if anyone has any questions after that, it can be raised in the parliamentary committee. If the parliamentary committee wants, you can make refinements and additions there. ‘

Addressing the drama producers, Minister Hasan Mahmud said that television is a medium which has a huge impact on people. Therefore, when you make a drama, telefilm or program, we request you to keep in mind the goal of nation building and building a developed nation. The producers had detailed discussions with the Minister on various issues in the field of drama production and marketing. The Broadcasting Minister highlighted the successful role of his ministry in promoting the country’s art, culture and media by implementing ad-free or cleanfeed broadcasts of foreign channels, scheduling domestic TV channels on cable networks, launching Bangladesh Television broadcasts across India and taxing the participation of foreign artists in local advertisements.



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