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Broke all records of corona attacks in the world

A new strain of the epidemic coronavirus (Covid-19), Omicron, has spread to many countries. Emergency measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus, and vaccination rates are being increased. However, in the last few days, the number of cases of corona has increased in the country.

Another 8,564 people died in the world in the previous 24 hours until 8:30 a.m. Bangladesh time on Wednesday (December 29), according to WorldOmiter, a website that tracks global corona statistics. On the other hand, 12 lakh 18 thousand 731 people have been infected in the first 24 hours after the identification of corona. Which broke all records of the attack.

Another 4,848 people died in the world on Tuesday (December 26). On the other hand, 8 lakh 30 thousand 10 people were identified.

The total number of people affected by Corona in the world so far is 26 crore 32 lakh 8 thousand 598 people and the death toll stands at 54 lakh 30 thousand 614 people. And 25 crore 16 lakh 5 thousand 569 people have recovered.

The United States, the world’s most powerful country, has had the highest number of infections and deaths from corona. At the top of the list, 3 lakh 12 thousand 939 people have been identified in 24 hours. The total number of identities stood at 5 crore 41 lakh 46 thousand 544 people. A total of 6 lakh 42 thousand 181 people have died.

In India, which is the second most affected and the third deadliest country, 3 crore 46 lakh 6 thousand 6 people have been infected with corona so far. 4 lakh 80 thousand 320 people have died.Brazil, which is the third most affected and the second deadliest country in the world, has so far infected 2,224,408 people and killed a total of 6,17,625 people.

In the United Kingdom, which is in the fourth place in terms of infection, so far 1 crore 23 lakh 36 thousand 6 people have been infected with corona. Of these, 1 lakh 46 thousand 21 people died.Russia, which is in the fifth place, has so far affected 1 crore 4 lakh 36 thousand 152 people. 3 lakh 8 thousand 90 people died.

Turkey is sixth, France seventh, Germany eighth, Iran ninth and Spain tenth. Bangladesh ranks 32nd in this list.The coronavirus outbreak began in the last week of December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. So far, Covid-19 has spread to 224 countries and regions of the world including Bangladesh.

A new study suggests that the virus may even survive in these organs for several months. The study was conducted by the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

Extensive research has been under way since the Corona epidemic spread around the world. Scientists are giving new information about the virus every day. Someone is giving good news. Someone is giving a terrible warning about Corona again.

A team of US researchers has revealed new information about Covid-19. A study by the US National Institutes of Health, published in the scientific journal Nature, found that coronary heart disease could last for months.

The researchers said that the virus could spread from the respiratory tract of a person infected with covid to the heart, brain and almost every organ of the body within a few days. The virus can even persist in these organs for months.



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