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Change night clothes to eliminate sleep problems

These days, many people in the neighborhood are heard to say that they are suffering from sleep problems. It is also seen in the case of young people, even after being busy with various activities all day, they are not getting proper sleep. In this case, the doctor should be consulted immediately. Because if sleep is low, some serious dangers can come closer. Working all day sitting in one place or working from home on extreme days has reduced physical work a bit. But if the sleep is less than seven to eight hours, then various complex physical and mental problems can occur. If it is chronic, the human body’s immune system may break down.

According to a study, people get shorter if they sleep less. However, there may be some more problems besides that. Let’s not know what are the problems due to lack of sleep-

* Colds, fevers, colds, the body’s resistance to the virus is reduced if there is a severe lack of sleep. In that case the body may weaken very quickly.

* Insomnia can lead to sudden weight gain. The risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes also increases if you do not get enough sleep. According to doctors, insufficient sleep can also cause heart problems.

* There is a risk of accidents if you go out on the road with less sleep. Especially if you do not sleep well at night and try to drive in the morning.

* Insomnia can also reduce the desire for sex. In men, testosterone levels may be reduced.

* Lack of concentration can occur due to low sleep problems in students. Reading can be a problem to remember. The relationship between memory loss and sleep deprivation is also very deep.

Many people fall asleep just after going to bed after a busy day. However, many sleep less at night. They can’t make two eyelids with a thousand attempts.

There are many people nowadays suffering from insomnia. Experts say that it is often a problem to go to bed at night after wearing the wrong clothes. It is very important to choose the right clothes while sleeping at night. Let’s find out what experts say about what kind of clothes to wear at bedtime.

Experts say first, why not wear that kind of clothing; The first thing to keep in mind is that the clothes should be loose-fitting. Because, tight clothes should not go to sleep at all.

The color of the clothes you choose for the night should not be too bright. In this case, give importance to white, light yellow and light pink.

As seen in the case of boys, most boys prefer to sleep after boxing. Make sure the boxer’s waist is not too tight. And in this regard, choose cotton cloth.

In the case of girls, it is seen that they choose maxi as night dress. In this regard also cotton cloth should be the first choice. However, experts say that night clothes made of silk are also good in this case. Silk garments help maintain the right body temperature in both summer and winter, resulting in better sleep.

Experts say, clean your night clothes regularly. Try to get a good ketchup twice a week. In this case, use a light scented washing powder.

It is better not to wear the same type of night clothes for a long time. Absolutely not underwear at bedtime at night. The more comfort you give your body, the better your sleep will be. So keep this in mind.

Many go to sleep after eyemask on the eyes. In this case also use cotton eye mask. If it becomes a habit, sleep problems will not be too much.



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