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China sends robots with machine guns to Tibet

Chinese troops are struggling to cope with the adverse weather conditions in Tibet. For this, China is deploying robot soldiers with machine guns in the area. Dozens of such unmanned vehicles capable of carrying both weapons and equipment are also being sent to Tibet.

The vehicles include those with sharp nails and light machine guns. It can climb mountains and move without wires. In addition, there is a vehicle called Miul-200. It can operate as a weapon transporter and without a driver. There are similar weapons attached to it.

Various Indian media reports have claimed that most of these vehicles are being deployed in the border areas where Chinese troops are facing Indian troops.

TimeNow News reports that it is difficult for Chinese troops to fight at high altitudes. For this, Beijing has sent Miul-200 transport vehicles to those areas. In addition, it has sent six sharp-toothed robots that have been deployed at the height of the Himalayan border. Of these, 36 have been deployed in border areas.

About 120 Miul-200s have also been sent to Tibet. Most of them have been deployed in border areas. In addition to driverless vehicles, China has strengthened its forces with 70 VP-22 armored military vehicles. Of these, 48 are in border areas. Another 150 Lynx all-terrain vehicles were sent to the border.

The Lynx is a huge versatile vehicle that can transport a small number of troops. It can climb mountains with a variety of weapons, including heavy machine guns, mortars or missile launchers. Exoskeleton suits with soldiers in hilly areas have been provided. Soldiers have been provided with carbon-fiber exoskeleton to reduce foot and ankle pressure while carrying heavy equipment at an altitude of 18,000 feet above sea level. Due to the lack of oxygen at that height, the soldiers would get tired easily with heavy equipment.

In December last year, a military expert told the Global Times that such suits were especially helpful for high-altitude soldiers. China and India have been at loggerheads over their border for decades. The area is very arid, inaccessible.

In 2020, fighting broke out between Chinese and Indian troops. Dozens of people died in it. China accuses India of inciting troops India, on the other hand, alleges that China is redrawing the border and trying to occupy part of India. Satellite images show China carrying out construction work in the disputed border area. As a result of the clashes, diplomatic relations between Beijing and Delhi deteriorated. India severed some trade ties and banned Chinese apps.

In June last year, China demolished some infrastructure in the disputed area. As a result, the tension decreases a bit. However, there is a greater possibility of clashes in the region. China is also at war with neighboring Taiwan. Fearing that Xi Jinping could invade the island, Taiwan’s ally the United States is talking about forming an alliance with India in the region. In the same vein, Japan and Australia have also improved their military relations with Washington.

Source: Hong Kong Post



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