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China-US competition for dominance in East Asia

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), a US think tank, recently released a report on the competition for dominance between China and the United States in the East Asian region. This information was given by the US media The Singapore Post in a report last Thursday (December 30).

The 126-page report, written by naval expert Ronald O’Rourke, highlights overall US interests in the South China Sea (SCS), the East China Sea (ECS) and the Yellow Sea. O’Rourke also explained the partnership of existing and emerging partners along the US border, including Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, in this vast body of water.

The report notes that the United States has some security commitments in the western Pacific. The United States also has security agreements with allies Japan and the Philippines in the region. Maintaining those is challenging for Washington. In addition, Washington’s main goal is to increase the influence of itself and its allies in the region by preventing Chinese domination and aggression.

On the other hand, China wants to establish its monopoly power in the East and West Pacific by reducing the influence of the United States and its allies. For this, Beijing has built an artificial island in the sea and also built military installations there. At the same time, Beijing is violating the territorial waters of other countries by creating conflicts between different countries in the region. Their main goal is absolute domination, and that’s what the Xi Jinping government is doing.

It should be noted that there is a great deal of disagreement between the countries bordering the South China Sea on the question of maritime delimitation. The main reason for the disagreement is that China is claiming sovereignty over 70 percent of the South China Sea, which has caused concern for other coastal countries.

China has established numerous military installations in the South China Sea, mainly in the Spratly and Paracel Islands. At Spratlys, China has built several missile installations, helicopter infrastructure and airfields. In addition, China continues to build across the region. Larger bases have the necessary infrastructure to operate military aircraft, including the army and larger patrols. This means that China will expand its military bases in the future.

The CRS report said artificial islands could be harmful to China. Because these artificial islands are exposed. Ground-based missiles survive air strikes. Because the natural island can be hidden in the mountains and forests. However, the islands that China has built do not have forests or mountains that can be used to deal with the enemy in secret. Man-made defensive installations will not survive if attacked here.



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