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Chittagong test is flooded due to bowlers

Despite the irresponsibility of the batsmen, the tigers have been flooded with the Chittagong test mainly because of the bowlers; former Bangladesh national team captain Mohammad Ashraful feels.

and in domestic cricket, it is because of the day-to-day bad wickets that taiji-Miraj is struggling on the sporting wicket, as is the hero of Bangladesh’s first test win, enamel Haque jr.
according to Sylhet division bowling coach name Hossain in the national league, such success in odis and t20is is still a smart cricketer to do well in plain clothes

after 4 for 49 in the first innings, the second innings did not improve but the deteriorating look was
grim. 4 wickets not for 25 runs. in other words, Bangladesh had to ignore the top four batsmen in both innings and decorate their scorecards. the head coach spoke for the batsmen the day before the end of the match despite such a deluge. he raised the tone of inexperience and asked him to give time a little more.

the former cricketers, however, did not give benefits of doubt to the top order while looking for the reason for the test
defeat. however, in their eyes, the dignity of the bowlers has come to the fore again and again. the former captain to spinner has all questioned the line length and dedication of the tiger bowlers in the fourth innings.
former captain Mohammad Ashraful said we don’t have a bowler to take 20 wickets off the
ball. we do well when we get spinning wickets. but all our charisma on true wickets is over. it is not possible to do well in tests.

however, enamel Haque jr. is the hero of Bangladesh’s first test
win. in his eyes, the main villain is the wickets of domestic cricket. spinners are not able to improve the skill as a bowl on bad wickets day in and day out.

animal Haque jr. said that in the pitch conditions in Bangladesh domestic cricket, wickets are available when we
bowl. which is why our bowlers don’t have to work on skills separately. coming to the internationals we can’t get a good pitch anymore.

and according to Sylhet division pace bowling coach and former national cricketer Nazrul Hossain in the national league, the nailless pace attack pushed Bangladesh to the back foot at the beginning of any
match. he advises you to be smarter if you want to improve on the red ball.

I always tell the pacers not to bowl just to bowl, said pace bowling coach nazmul
Hossain. there needs to be a plan. you have to understand what a batsman wants to do and bowl. to do well in tests, you have to be smart.

apart from criticism, the former cricketers have also been given a tip to do well in the Dhaka
Test. they are expecting at least three changes to the xi with Shakib.



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