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Comilla is an exception in childbirth

The number of normal deliveries of pregnant women in government hospitals in Comilla is increasing. Doctors are discouraging giving birth unnecessarily through surgery. Women are being counseled since they became pregnant.

In this modern age the standard of living has improved and so has the medical system. At one time, the unwelcome fear of pain during childbirth, the lure of profits from private hospitals and clinics, and the unawareness of the mother and her family led women to become interested in caesarean section. Normal delivery decreases.

However, there are exceptions in Comilla Upazila Health Complexes. In the 11 months from January to November this year, 4,205 people had normal deliveries in the gynecology department of government hospitals in 18 upazilas of Comilla. At the same time, only 60 babies were born by caesarean section.

Statistics show that 361 babies were born in January 2021, 334 in February, 362 in March, 329 in April, 316 in May, 352 in June, 323 in July, 334 in August, 460 in September, 501 in October and 512 in November.

Of these, 282 are in Chauddagram Upazila, 213 in Nangalkot, 210 in Laksam, 3 in Manoharganj, 213 in Baruda, 6 in Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila, 125 in Comilla Sadar, 280 in Chandina, 38 in Brahmanpara, 224 in Burichang, 347 in Debidwar, 29 in Upazila. 149, 15 in Meghna Upazila and 1,174 in Daudkandi Upazila.

Doctors say that those who have various physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., and as the baby grows older, the baby’s heart rate increases or decreases, normal delivery becomes risky for the mother and baby. Only then do they have a caesarean delivery.

Normal delivery is very good for both mother and child. Now a painful normal delivery is taking place. The mother can be released from the hospital within 12 hours of delivery. Since there is less hassle in normal delivery, mothers can breastfeed their babies very quickly and start a normal life very soon.

Daudkandi Upazila Health Complex Residential Medical Officer (RMO) said. Habibur Rahman said health assistants initially find pregnant women in the field and counsel them about normal delivery. Childbirth by caesarean section is discouraged. From the fourth month onwards, we are supervised in all matters including regular examinations. If everything goes well, normal delivery is arranged on time.

“In the last 11 months, we have delivered 1,164 people for free,” he said. And 275 people have been born through surgery. Which is the highest among 17 upazilas of the district. We are working tirelessly to continue this trend.

Comilla Civil Surgeon. Mir Mubarak Hossain said the government was taking maternity treatment very seriously. In this case special training is provided to the doctors and nurses. In light of this, we are also counseling patients. We hope that the number of normal deliveries will increase in every Upazila Health Complex of Comilla. That is why our concerned department is working relentlessly.



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