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Corona spread fast again

Corona virus is spreading rapidly again. In Rajshahi, the detection rate has already exceeded 40 percent. Most of the people in these high-risk districts are still reckless. Not following the hygiene rules. The concerned people have urged to increase the surveillance of the administration.

The corona virus has started swallowing again. Many are still reluctant to follow the hygiene rules. Most people are walking around the house without a mask. Time News reports on the information sent to the district representatives.

Rajshahi is on the list of red zones of the health department due to the increase in corona infestation. In the last 24 hours, the detection rate is 40.1%. Another died at Rajshahi Medical College with symptoms. At present 43 more people are undergoing treatment in Corona unit.
Meanwhile, the administration has been miking in different areas to raise public awareness in Kushtia, which is identified as a red zone. Yet the desired benefits do not match. A mobile court has fined several people in a special operation.

Another red zone Dinajpur also has a corona infection rate of 34.75 percent. Many people do not have the tendency to follow health rules. This is further exacerbating the fear that the number of coronaviruses may be alarming.
Like the rest of the country, the situation is deteriorating in Chandpur. Chandpur District Civil Surgeon advised to use the mask as well as vaccination in such situations. Shahadat Hossain.

On the other hand, after the declaration of Rangamati as a red zone, the mobile court conducted raids in different areas to enforce hygiene rules. At that time, a red flag was hung in the house of the victim.

Apart from this, although corona infection has increased in different areas including Bogra, there has not been much activity in following the health rules.



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