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Curfew imposed in Delhi

In India, the new variant of Corona Omicron is slowly taking horrible shape. The number of corona victims is also increasing. The state government has announced a curfew in the capital, New Delhi, as the situation in Corona deteriorates.

The new restrictions came into effect on Monday (December 26). Experts fear that Corona’s power will spread further in India. They also think that a yellow alert may be issued. Meanwhile, Japan is preparing to be vigilant as Omicron variants are starting to spread locally.

The number of Omicron victims is increasing day by day in India. It is spreading in different states around. This variant has already spread to several states including the capital New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Gujarat. The rate of Kovid 19 infection has not stopped.

Corona has been identified in 290 bodies in New Delhi in a single day. One died. The state government has announced curfew to control the situation. Authorities said the curfew would continue from 11pm to 5am.

Earlier, a ten-day curfew was imposed in the state of Karnataka as the infection was on the rise. Experts fear that Corona’s power in India will increase further. A yellow alert could be issued in several states soon. If this happens, several institutions including cinema halls, stadiums and gymnasiums of the capital will be closed. At present in Delhi, the rule is 50 per cent for restaurants, bars, auditoriums and 200 people for weddings.

There is no opportunity to travel without a mask on any public transport including buses and metros. More stringent in the case of aircraft. Many passengers were denied boarding at Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome on Monday due to lack of masks, local media reported.

However, even in such a situation, the country’s health experts sounded a message of hope. Omicron patients undergoing treatment in New Delhi, India are recovering fast without any complications. In this regard, Indian doctor Suresh Kumar told the local media in India that 90% of the patients with Omicron have no serious symptoms. It is possible to recover with medication and home remedies. Some patients have mild fever, sore throat, and diarrhea. Apart from this, patients do not need oxygen supply and remedicv

The Japanese government is preparing to be vigilant as a new type of corona, Omicron, is spreading locally in Japan. Authorities in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo have already begun approving free virus tests, although residents have no symptoms.

It is to be mentioned that this new variant was identified in the bodies of three people on 22nd December in Osaka.



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