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Defeat of the child in the behavior of the parents

A child grows up in his family after birth. In this case, the behavior of everyone in the family affects the child, but the children are most affected by the behavior of the parents. Therefore, parents should not engage in any behavior that could adversely affect their child.

When parenting is understood as an inspiration rather than a child, it is bad. Pediatricians call it bad parenting. The children try to escape instead of looking at their parents in this situation.
Guardianship is a personal matter. Although the parenting rules and patterns are not the same in every family, the general purpose is the same. And that is to build a generation kind, gentle and good.

Therefore, as a parent of a child, every parent should know what are the bad behaviors. These are-
More or less involvement: Too much intimacy with children or being completely alone is considered bad parenting. Strict discipline towards your child will widen the communication gap with your children. Again being very friendly will shrink it. Every parent should find the best way to deal with these issues with their children.

Punishment: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, ‘hateful’ discipline techniques such as shouting and spanking are really a bad idea. This has a long-term negative effect on children. Because children who face such punishment tend to be aggressive as they get older.

Inconsistency: If you as a parent set certain limits for your children, follow them religiously. Don’t make your own rules and don’t break them in front of your kids. Because these inconsistencies of yours will cause them not to adopt these habits.
Not being careful about mood: Being a parent is the hardest part of life. Because being the ideal parent to a child demands all your strength and hard work. Don’t let yourself be seen as weak in front of your kids.Children suffer from depression. If you are upset, make sure you are not expressing that frustration in front of your child.

Limited interaction: Due to the busy office life, many parents do not get enough time to talk to their children. Due to a visible gap in communication, children either keep their worries to themselves or look at friends or other family members. While interaction with children is not a major problem in large joint families, in small urban families where both parents work, a child has less time to communicate with parents.

Giving Expensive Gifts: It is often seen that parents try to give their children expensive things to fill the gap of communication and interaction. They believe that adopting expensive gifts will help maintain a parental relationship with the child.But the reality is that it makes children addicted to expensive products and over time it becomes an overwhelming urge, which makes the child arrogant.Comparison: Never compare your child to others. Whether it’s a school game performance or a math test score! A child’s competence should never be a criterion for measuring parental competence. Instead of worrying about what their neighbors are doing, parents should embrace their children’s innate talents.

Family quarrels: There may be quarrels and quarrels in the family. But never reveal it to children. As a result, children suffer more from insecurity. So to be a good parent, you must avoid these things.

Source: Times of India



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