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Demand for inclusion of climate change information in textbooks

Although Bangladesh is one of the countries in the world affected by climate change, it goes without saying that the textbook does not contain information on climate change. However, it would be possible to make more people aware in a very short time by including in the textbook the issues that need to be done to prevent climate disasters and disasters. It will be possible to protect our motherland Bangladesh from the huge threat of climate catastrophe.

The speakers were speaking at a human chain organized by the Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh and Bangladesh Youth Climate Network in front of the Abahani playground in Dhanmondi on Sunday (January 9th). Students of Dhaka Ideal Cadet School and Rayer Bazar High School took part in it.

Professor Kamruzzaman Majumder, chairman of the Department of Environmental Sciences at Stamford University in Bangladesh, said that COP 26 was held to address the effects of climate change and to prevent disasters. The leaders of the G20 are still reluctant to take effective action when the existence of life on earth is on the verge of extinction. Due to which this catastrophe has taken a terrible shape for the coastal countries like Bangladesh.

ANM Mashum Billah Bhuiyan, policy officer at the Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh, said that the nature of the world is under threat today as a result of climate change. Our world is constantly heating up for a variety of reasons, including the use of private cars and aircraft, coal and oil-dependent electricity. In particular, the unbridled carbon emissions and excessive use of fossil fuels in the G20 countries are largely responsible for this situation. However, marginalized countries like Bangladesh are most affected by this disaster. Due to which more than one crore and ninety lakh children of Bangladesh are most at risk. One-fourth of these children are under five years of age. So we have to take action now.

Shantanu Biswas, Officer, Bangladesh Youth Climate Network, Manzur Hasan Dilu, Member Secretary, Stop Emissions Now Bangladesh, Barni Dalbat, Project Manager, Institute of Wellbeing, Bangladesh . Tahajjat ​​Hossain etc.

According to the IPC report, one-third of Bangladesh could be submerged within this century. About 60,000 sq km area of ​​19 districts of the country is at risk of drowning. Due to this about two crore people will be homeless. In addition, the Barind region of Bangladesh is turning into desert due to climate disasters. As a result, food production, potable water crisis will occur in the country, new natural disasters and diseases are increasing. At the same time, the number of homeless people is increasing. As a result, the number of slum dwellers in urban areas is also increasing.



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