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Do you have to leave hijab to study?

Ayesha Imtiaz introduces herself as a devout Muslim. He decided to wear hijab out of deep affection for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But his college has decided to expel the hijab-wearing students. In this, he has to take one of the two as an alternative, religion and education.

The 21-year-old from Udupi district in Karnataka, India, said it was an insult to her to be kicked out of college for wearing hijab. It also hurt his religious feelings, Reuters reported

“The place I am considering as the temple of education has raised questions about my religion,” he said. My religion has been insulted. According to him, this means that if you want to study, you have to give up your religion. Which is really wrong.

Ayesha has been studying at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College for five years. He said those who took part in the hijab-wearing movement were being threatened. This is forcing them to stay indoors.

The ban on hijab in educational institutions has created anger and concern among India’s Muslim minority. Although the country’s constitution gives the right to religious freedom, they are not able to observe it in educational institutions.

The U.S. Office of International Religious Freedom says banning the hijab violates religious freedom. Through this, Muslim women have been cornered and socially neglected.

Meanwhile, a student named Muskan Khan has become a symbol of resistance of Muslim girls in the hijab debate in Karnataka. Although he never thought it would happen.

A video surfaced on social media on Tuesday (February 6). It shows the 19-year-old girl entering the college, when a group of violent young men came running towards her. They were wearing purple shawls and ‘Joy Sriram’ on their faces.

They continue to intimidate Muskan by wearing hijab. Forbidden to enter college. When their tensions escalated, he chanted “Allahu Akbar”. Meanwhile, the college authorities came and took him to a safe place.

“I just want to stand up for education and rights,” she told the BBC. I have no problem with what they are wearing.

His home is in Manda town in Karnataka. Her father is a local businessman. From there he spoke to the BBC. That said, anyone in college can wear a purple shawl or turban. For example, we wear hijab. But no one’s clothing should be banned.

Millions of Muslim women in India regularly wear the hijab outside the home. There has never been a controversy about their dress before. But in recent years the burqa controversy has escalated into violence



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