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Doctors sounded the message of hope with Omicron

Upward omicon graphs around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. The situation is similar in India. Is this new species of corona as endangered as Delta? Afsain Emrani, an Israeli doctor, gave a message of hope when this question was circulating among the common people. News G24 hours.

“Omicron is actually a vaccine,” Emrani wrote on Twitter. This vaccine was not developed by any company. No oxygen required, no serious patients, less need for hospital. It will build the immunity of the masses. It will take the place of Delta. In just 8 to 12 weeks, the whole world will be vaccinated with Omicron. There is no reason to panic. One should be grateful to nature. It is actually a blessing. We are lucky.

Many doctors agree with Afsain Emrani. “Omicron is a mild disease,” said Yogiraj Roy, a Kovid expert from Kolkata. Most of us here seem to be affected by the delta. Oxygen is usually depleted in the body within 7 to 14 days. As a result, I will be able to understand in two more weeks whether this surge is also reducing oxygen. If oxygen is not depleted and everyone is cowardly with Omicron, then we can get an immunity. Covid builds real immunity in everyone’s body and we get the vaccine. As a result, if mixed immunity is created, what could be better than this?

Dr. Sion Chakraborty has already treated the Omicron patients. “From what I saw during the second wave, the delta was much more terrifying and the number of victims was higher then,” he said. The horrors of Omicron are much less. There are mild symptoms like common cold, cough, fever. Not only us, foreign reports also say so.

Doctor Shaswati Sinha said that so far I have treated four Omicron patients. Everyone had mild symptoms. Nothing critical happened. There are mild symptoms like cough, cold, fever. Foreign reports also say that Omicron has mild symptoms, but spreads quickly. During the second wave I saw terrible forms in the delta. Omicron is much less frightening than that. It is better to be like this.

In the meantime, two new symptoms of Omicron have appeared, according to the Times of India. According to a report, Joey Kovid study app has brought to light two unknown symptoms of Omicron. These two symptoms were not known to anyone for so long. The two symptoms are nausea and loss of appetite.

The head of this app says that these two symptoms are more common in patients suffering from covid at present. Most of them are vaccinated.

Experts advise to consult a doctor as soon as possible if these symptoms occur. If he asks you to test, do it quickly. If it is possible to identify the disease, it is possible to get rid of this disease.

Meanwhile, on Sunday (January 2) at noon in the Virtual Health Bulletin of the Department of Health about the situation of Covid-19, the spokesman of the organization, Prof. Md. Robed Amin said the South African variant of the Corona, Omicron, is affecting more women than men. The agency said the data came from images and research in areas around the world, including South Africa, where Omicron is spreading.

Mentioning that Omicron has been identified in the bodies of 10 people in Bangladesh so far, he said, “At one time we said that a large number of men are being infected.” According to data from South Africa, women are more likely to be infected with Omicron than men. At the same time, the number of young people being infected is high. At one time it was said that young people would not be affected by immunization. Omicron has proved that idea wrong. We have also seen children being infected in South Africa and Europe.

Incidentally, this variant was identified on November 24 in South Africa. According to a UK study, booster doses are effective in preventing this variant. But the World Health Organization says the booster dose will accelerate the epidemic. So far, Corona variant Omicron has spread to 108 countries around the world. According to experts, Omicron is less risky than Delta but more contagious.



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