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Drama after drama, again the Champions League draw

Drama after drama. The much-anticipated Champions League Round of Sixteen draw was held on Monday (December 13). However, the latest update is that UEFA has informed that the draw has been canceled due to technical error.

That means a new draw will be held again. Everyone whose name was known as an opponent a little while ago, it is finally being canceled. The draw will be held again at 8 pm Bangladesh time.

It is learned that the problem was to decide who will play with Villarreal. And so in the end the draw was canceled.

UEFA said in a statement that “there was a technical error in the message sent to the presenters as to which team could face whom.”

Earlier, the draw of the Champions League was held in Neon, Switzerland on Monday at 5 pm Bangladesh time. Real Madrid will face Benfica in the Round of 16. Villarreal will face Manchester City. Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, will play Bayern Munich. In addition, Salah’s Liverpool will face Red Bull Salzburg. Juventus will play against Sporting Lisbon. PSG and Manchester United were to fight the much awaited battle.

The two arch-rivals were to meet in this first knockout round since 2012. Messi took the former club Barcelona to the final with the single skill of service. Although both teams have changed. Messi has left Barcelona for PSG.

On the other hand, after Ronaldo’s Real Madrid tour to Juventus, he finally settled in the English club Man United. And in this, the two were supposed to be seen as opponents in the knockout stage again after 10 years. But will it be in the new draw?

It is learned that two rules are being followed in the draw of the second round of the Champions League. The first rule is that the runners-up in the group stage will face the group champions in the second round. However, in the first round, the team in the same group will not play.

Another rule was that two teams from the same league would not face each other in the second round. As Ligue 1 champions Lille have won Group G, they will not be playing against PSG.

Eight teams – Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Juventus, Lille and Ajax – were the group champions in the current edition of the Champions League. Also runners-up are PSG, Atletico Madrid, Sporting Lisbon, Inter Milan, Benfica, Villarreal, Red Bull Salzburg and Chelsea.



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