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Ebadat in the pages of cricket history from volleyball players

Today, Ebadat Hossain is the hero of history who has been criticized for getting a place in the Test team. The pacer from Sylhet is now the main character of Bangladesh’s epic Test win on New Zealand soil. With 7 wickets for 48 runs in the second innings, the pride of the world Test champions was shattered. Ebadat has written his name in many pages of the record book.

What could be a bigger answer? Putting aside all criticism, this boy is now the hero of the Bangladesh epic in New Zealand. Even two days ago, the supporters were vocal in their criticism. Today the whole internet is floating in his eulogy. Ebadat’s achievement is not in the eyes of millions of sleeping supporters.

At the beginning of his life he was a soldier of Bangladesh Air Force. He used to play volleyball there. Later, through Robbie pacer hunt, he used his speed and height to enter the net of Bangladesh national team. Then the coaches of that time got the choice of red and green cap. But the pacer could never do justice to the name.

Before entering the Bay Oval, he had a record partner of shame. Ebadat’s name was at the top of the list of worst average Test bowlers. Again, the performance of pacer Rahi, who was out of the team, added fuel to the fire. The erratic bowling of the first innings gives the wind even more force.

But in the second innings, what happens is worship. Its line length, swings become unplayable to an unknown magic. Blackcap’s batting line-up was fired at Jwalepur after his fire. What India-Pakistan-Sri Lanka could not do in 11 years, Team Bangladesh also grabbed that record for the sake of worship.

Even though the Kiwis had 5 wickets in their hands on the last day, it became insufficient in front of Ebadat. The host batsmen did not know the answer to his reverse and inswingings. Young, Conway, Nichols, Blandnell, Taylor, Jamieson all saw the salute of a Bangladeshi fast bowler.

At Mount Manganui, Ebadat has taken several wickets in the record book with 6 wickets for 48 runs. This pacer is now the second best bowling figure among Bangladeshi bowlers outside the country. Ebadat’s spell took place in Kingston after Shakib Al Hasan’s 33 runs for 6 wickets.

Although he is second among all bowlers, Ebadat has risen to the top of the list of fast bowlers again. Mount Manganui’s Bay Oval at number one, behind Shahadat’s 2010 Lords and Rabiul’s 2013 Harare.

The best success of Bangladeshi bowlers against New Zealand in Tests so far was just the story of spinners. Ebadat has also shared there. The second place between Shakib and Sohag Gazi is now occupied by this young fast bowler.

This one bowling figure has also brought Ebadat to the list of the best in the world. After Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, the name of a Bangladeshi fast bowler, Ebadat Hossain, will be mentioned among the Asian fast bowlers in New Zealand.



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