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Eight illegal connections to the washing plant in three years

Despite repeated campaigns against illegal gas connections, Titas has not been able to stop illegal gas connections as there is no severe punishment in the law. Titus says there is a need for social awareness as well as punishment to stop illegal gas.

Titus has disconnected eight times in the last three years at the washing plant at Alubdi in the Eastern Housing area of ​​the capital Mirpur. Titus last closed the line on December 22.

Titas says the law on illegal gas connections does not allow for sealing of factories or seizure of goods. The accused got away with the fine. And that is why illegal gas connections are not going to be stopped in repeated operations.

On Tuesday (January 18), Titus raided three washing plants and arrested an employee. Seven days imprisonment was also given.

Executive Magistrate Ashraful Alam said, “We have arrested one person in today’s operation.” I also tried to contact the owner and manager. If they can be detained; Then action will be taken according to law.

Titus does not have a clear statement on who gives illegal gas. In addition to punishment, social awareness is also needed.

Titus GM Shamsuddin Al Azad said the connection had been disconnected eight times by 2019-22. Each time the connection is made illegally. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Titas said the operation to cut off illegal gas connections was ongoing.



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