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Eight mysterious cities lost

The present age of the earth is about 50 million years. Which is about one third of the age of the universe. Much later, the most influential creature in the world came to the fore in the footsteps of man. During this vast period of time, innumerable geological changes have taken place in the world and evolution has also taken place in human life. In continuation of this, man has built a city for his needs, around which various civilizations have developed in the heart of the world, many of which have been wiped out from the earth in the womb of time. Let’s not know about the lost city!

There is no accounting for how many ancient civilizations have been lost on earth. There are many civilizations that have not yet been discovered. Extensive research is being done on the civilizations that have been found. There are many stories about these civilizations and their way of life and cities, many movies have been made. Some of these cities are surrounded by mysteries-

Panam Nagar: Among the three cities of ancient Sonargaon, Panam Nagar and Khas Nagar of Bangladesh, Panama was the most interesting. There are many centuries old buildings related to the history of the Barabhuiyans of Bengal. Of the surviving houses in Panama, 52 are notable. There are 31 houses on the north side of Panam Road and 21 houses on the south side. There are also 400-year-old mint houses. The architectural features of the houses indicate that the wealthy merchants lived here. The houses are a mixture of Mughal and Greek architectural styles.

Mahendraparbat: This city lasted from the ninth to the fifteenth century AD. Historians first found evidence of the city’s existence in 2013. Historians say that the city was the capital of the Khmer Empire after finding some stones carved in the jungle. The empire covered vast areas of Southeast Asia. Various palaces, temples and other structures have been found in the city. Despite possessing vast wealth and power, the empire did not last long. The city lasted from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries AD.

Atlantis: The island of Atlantis was first mentioned in the writings of the Greek philosopher Plato in 360 BC. According to Plato, 9,800 BC, for some unknown reason, the whole island was destroyed in “a terrible night of fire and earthquakes.” It sank under water. Since then, this mysterious lost city has become the center of attraction for many explorers, researchers, historians. At one time, thousands of people lived in this city. Like other cities, there was a lot of noise. At one point the city became depopulated.
El Dorado or the city of gold: The golden city of El Dorado was discovered in the 16th century. When the Europeans were intoxicated with the search for hidden treasures, it was rumored that there was a town on Mount Adrij where there was no shortage of gold. Many explorers have explored this city. But no one has ever found this city. Where the king covers his body with gold powder. From this story the city is named El Dorado or the City of Gold.

Kingdom of Lyons: The great kingdom of Lyons was located on the island of Sicily in Britain. The roaring sea one day swallowed this huge kingdom. The travelogue written by William Worchester mentions that 140 churches, including forests and grounds, are all submerged today between the mountains and the island of Sicily. According to historians, the entire civilization was lost in the depths of the ocean after being submerged for 3,000 years.
Pompeii: It was located near modern Napoli in the Campania region of Italy. A catastrophic earthquake in 62 AD, and a two-day volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 69 AD, are thought to have destroyed the city by crushing it under high ashes and boulders.

City of z: American author David Gran wrote a book, The Lost City of Z, about an expedition by Fawcett. A book based on this book was later made. It mentions that in 1925, a group of three, led by British surveyor Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, entered the remote jungles of the Mato Grosso area of ​​Brazil. Their purpose was to find the ruins of an ancient civilization. Fawcett named this ancient city ‘The Lost City of Z’. Surprisingly, the three were never found again. Decades later, about 100 people who had gone in search of them also went there and disappeared unnoticed.

Azlan: Aztec civilization developed around the lost city of Azlan. This civilization is said to be one of the most advanced civilizations of ancient America. The Aztecs of Mexico formed this civilization. It is believed that the Aztecs lived in Azlan from 1100 to 1300 AD. To many it is a mysterious city like Atlantis or Camelot. Because no one has been able to find any existence and location of these cities even today.



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