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Expatriate hotel-restaurant business in Saudi Arabia

Mecca and Medina are two holy places near the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

There is also the beautiful city of Taif. Tourists flock to Jeddah throughout the year. Expatriate Bangladeshis have built innumerable hotels and restaurants, big and small, keeping their words in mind. The fame of local food is spreading among the tourists. However, even if there is a slowdown in business due to Corona, the expectation of the expatriates is that controlling the situation will actually create more employment opportunities.

Thousands of hotels and motels have sprung up in the country’s port city of Jeddah, keeping in mind the number of tourists visiting the holy site throughout the year. A large part of Bangladeshis are involved in the hotel-restaurant business in Saudi Arabia.

The fame of the local food prepared in these hotels and restaurants is spreading among the tourists coming from different countries including Saudi Arabia. There are Asian and Arab food facilities. The hotel staff is working to provide 24-hour service to the pilgrims and tourists who come to perform holy Umrah by providing Bangladeshi food at low cost.

Many expatriate Bangladeshis are now working under the entrepreneurs and businessmen of hotels and restaurants. In Saudi Arabia, however, Corona was initially banned from eating in restaurants for about three months. This created a recession in business.

If the Corona situation is normal, there is a possibility of creating new jobs for the expatriates from Bangladesh by increasing the number of institutions.



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