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Eyelash extensions to enhance the beauty of the eyes

Even when going to the ceremony in Kovidka, the makeup falls under the mask. So no one would want to make an excuse to make eye makeup attractive. Eyeliner, mascara, kajal, eyeshadow, artificial eyelashes, everyone will want to draw five types of eyes in five days.

These eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. The two eyes with which you will notice so many activities should not be neglected. When applying makeup, it is better to take extra care so that there is no damage to the eyes.

Eyelash extensions are now the most common eyelash extensions. This means applying artificial eyelashes. This makes mascara easier to use. The eyelids also look thick. In a word, eyes look more beautiful.

And the surprising thing is that nowadays many people are trying to make this eyelash extension last longer not only for special occasions but also to make the eyes look beautiful.

However, according to beauty experts, big eye danger can occur at any time if you are not careful during this extension. So do eyelash extensions but try to comply with these issues.

What to do before using eyelash extension
Understand your physical condition and make an appointment to use eyelash extensions. If you have a fever or a cold, get well first. In the same way, it is best not to do this during pregnancy or when you have an eye allergy or infection. Eyelid extensions take at least one and a half to two hours to complete. And it’s hard to stay in bed all this time, especially if you have a physical problem. As well as the makeup should be well cleaned during the extension. No oily ingredients can be used before or after the extension.

What to do during eyelash extensions
Sanitation of all equipment used for extension is essential. And before the technician does the work, make sure that you wash your eyelids and the surrounding area with eyelash shampoo made for this extension.

Inform them immediately if there is any problem or doubt about their working method during extension. Be sure to tell the technician if you have eye irritation or itchy eyes. At this time they will surely know how to keep your eyes free from irritation.

What to do after eyelash extension
You should not wash your face for at least 3 to 4 hours after this treatment. And from then on, whenever you try to wash your face, you have to use medicated shampoo while washing your eyelashes or eyelids separately. Normally you don’t need to use a mascara after this, but if you really need to, you should take it off before going to bed. There is a strong possibility of infection if it is not taken care of properly.

In addition, there are other things to look for:

1. It is not uncommon for one or two drops to fall off while cleaning the eyelids. But if it is frequent and there are gaps in the eyelids, then it means that you are putting extra pressure on the eyelids.

2. One day after eyelash extension is a little uncomfortable, but if it lasts more than a day, talk to a technician.

3. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And do not use any oily makeup ingredients.

4. This eyelash should be changed regularly. Older pairs need to be replaced at least once a month.

Talk to a technician about getting eyelash extensions. And keep in touch so you can discuss before and after the extension. And if there is any eye problem, it can be resolved quickly. When choosing a technician, keep in mind that he has the necessary skills and qualifications for the job.



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