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Finally, Ashraf Ghani gave reasons for leaving Kabul

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country after Kabul fell to the Taliban. In August of this year, the Taliban took control of Kabul. Ashraf Ghani has described the situation of leaving Kabul to the media.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, he said that when he woke up on August 15, he did not think it was his last day in Afghanistan.

When his plane left Kabul, he realized he was leaving the country. Ashraf Ghani said Taliban fighters had promised not to enter Kabul. But they did not speak for two hours. They enter Kabul.

Ghani said two groups of Taliban fighters approached Kabul. Ashraf Ghani claimed that there was a possibility of a terrible clash at that time. He further added that the entire city of Kabul had planned to destroy him and kill its people. Ashraf Ghani said many people close to him advised him to leave Kabul.

He added that despite his reluctance at the time, he and his wife agreed to leave Kabul. Ghani said he was waiting for a car from the defense ministry shortly afterwards. But that car never came back.

At the time, the national security adviser returned with Ghani’s security chief and told Ghani that if he did not leave Kabul immediately, “everyone will be killed.”

Ashraf Ghani said the national security adviser did not give him more than two minutes. Ashraf Ghani said he had instructed him to go to the city of Khost.

He was then told that the city of Khost had fallen and that the city of Jalalabad had also fallen. At the time, he felt it was no longer possible for him to stay in Afghanistan.

After Ashraf Ghani left the country, the international media criticized him. He was also accused of leaving the country with large sums of money. Ashraf Ghani is currently in the United Arab Emirates.

Islamists have been killing and torturing people of Hazara community for a long time. But this time, senior leaders of the Hazara community have sided with Taliban leaders in Kabul in support of the new government.

At a rally on Thursday, Zafar Mahdai, a former lawmaker and senior Hazara leader, said the Afghan people had gone through the darkest period in history under former President Ashraf Ghani. At that time Afghanistan had no independence. Every area of ​​government was under the control of foreign embassies.

He expressed gratitude to the Creator, claiming that Afghanistan had overcome those dark times through Taliban rule. Zafar Mahdai said they had declared an end to the war after the Taliban came to power in mid-August. Security has also been strengthened by stopping corruption.



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