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Foods that are beneficial for pregnant women in winter

During pregnancy, there are many changes in different parts of the female body. In particular, some changes in the body’s normal immune system can be seen at this time.

Such changes require the body to be prepared to deal with some adverse conditions. But despite this, especially in winter, special attention should be paid to the diary of pregnant women. Because of the cold weather, the body can be infected with fever, cold, cough, flu etc. by jumping over the fence of immunity.

And the risk of getting infected with covid during this epileptic seizure cannot be ruled out.

There is a possibility of adding something to the daily diet without having to go to the doctor again and again, panicking about what to do in this situation.

Cow’s milk contains a compound called lactoferrin, which enhances immunity by inhibiting the interaction between diseased cells and healthy cells in the body. As a result, the body is relatively less infected by external viruses. As a result, pregnant women should include one or two glasses of milk in their diet every day.


Turmeric has antiviral and antiseptic properties that greatly enhance the body’s immune system. So you can use turmeric when it is cut in winter or you can get rid of terrible cold and cough during pregnancy. Doctors therefore suggest that you can drink turmeric milk regularly. It will get double protection.


The extract has anti-inflammatory properties and is especially helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting caused by ‘Morning Sickness’ during pregnancy. Also, if you include ginger curry in your daily diet, it will increase your digestion and may help you to get rid of other chronic stomach problems. Ginger also keeps the body warm. Therefore, it is very important to keep ginger in the diet of pregnant women to protect them from cold and cough in winter.

Green Tea:

The two compounds in green tea called catechins and theanine strengthen the body’s immune system. The ingredients in green tea in winter are thought to play a special role in preventing influenza. As a result, although coffee is forbidden, most doctors recommend moderate amounts of green tea during pregnancy.
Doctors also recommend cooking and eating enough winter vegetables. Also told to eat foods rich in vitamins.

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